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The Case for Intent of Encoding Information Within The Geometry of Giza (cont.)
By Edward G. Nightingale

Remember our main circle circumference was divided by 8 at 45°, 9 at 40° and 11 at 32.7272°. We now address the number 11. Take a moment and study this graphic there is quite a bit going on here. First I hypothesized the length of the Sphinx as 1/27th (235.390889 ft) of the overall circle diameter of 6355.554 ft. This positions the Sphinx’s length in the center 1/3 of the square, 706.1727 ft ÷ 3 = 235.390889 ft.

As 11 divides the circles circumference 32.7272° we are no longer working with whole numbers, if we use the two whole numbers on either side 33 and 32 then divide our 706.554 ft square into 33 vertical divisions and 32 horizontal divisions astonishing alignments are revealed. We assign each rectangle which has a ratio of 33/32 as 1 and count the rectangles in from the edges of our 706.554 ft square we see that the Sphinx is 11 in length, 2 in width and 3 height (706.554 ÷ 32 = 22.0798125 x 3 = 66.2394 ft). It is located 11 down from the top (West) edge, 11 in from the right (North) edge of the square, 11 up from the bottom (East) edge, and 19 (11+8) from the left (South) edge of the square. Take notice of the cut-out or “basin” that the Sphinx is enclosed by, 9 down, and 9 over, notice the Temple (shaded in light green) is 7 wide by 17 (9+8) in length. The exclamation point here is the 3x3 (shaded lightly in yellow) on a 45° angle to the grid is a ruin whose dimensions fit with a 3x3 rectangle with a ratio of 33/32, this acts as a legend or key on a blueprint indicating a particular scale or grid. I don’t know exactly what the chances are that all the geometrical and mathematical alignments being “coincidental” are but I do not consider myself a “coincidence theorist” do you?

I tried many different grid divisions in an attempt to align all these structures and none and I mean none of them came close to explaining the layout of these structures. The division of this 706.1727 ft x 706.1727 ft by 33 vertically and 32 horizontally fit exactly into the hypothesis. In my opinion this is very compelling evidence for the Giza Template hypothesis. This ties the Sphinx in with the Giza Plateau and it’s pyramids in a logical and coherent manner. There are those who will argue this point, but to them I say, count the coincidences.

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