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The Case for Intent of Encoding Information Within The Geometry of Giza
By Edward G. Nightingale

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Edward Nightingale

Edward Nightingale is a master woodworker and woodcarver with over 30 years of experience using the tools of the trade, measure and geometry, as well he has been a performing musician for over 30 years. Applying his understanding of geometry, measure, mathematics and music, he has discovered designed in the geometry and layout of the pyramid complex at Giza, by the original architects, high science and mathematics. One of the mysteries solved in The Giza Template is the root of the measuring system, how the original numbers are derived and their relationship to the speed of light. See Edward's website at:

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The Geometry of Giza by Edward Nightingale, 19 February 2011

After presenting my work in the article The Geometry of Giza the question of intent of the builders of Giza to purposely encode information into the complex was raised. The E-book would have addressed the valid questions posed in the forum, but unfortunately is behind schedule. Graham has been gracious enough to allow me to address some of the questions in a separate article. I have assembled some of the information to show the builders intent to encode this specific knowledge within the design of the Giza Complex.

I am presenting a design based on simple geometry that can be interpreted using only simple tools, a compass and straight edge. The approximate geometric values can then be corrected to their exact values using the number system and mathematics encoded.

I hypothesize the “intended dimensions” used by the designers for the base lengths of the three main pyramids and the Sphinx are as follows:

Khufu base length 440 Royal Cubits 441 Root Cubits 756 ft
Khafre base length 411 Royal Cubits 706.1727 ft
Menkaure base length #1 200 Royal Cubits 343.6363 ft
Menkaure base length #2 195 Royal Cubits 335.0454 ft
Sphinx length 137 Royal Cubits 235.3908 ft
The exact circle diameter is 3699 Royal Cubits 6355.554 ft

1 Root Cubit equal 20.57142 inches
1 Royal Cubits equal 20.61818 inches
These values are found encoded within this template and are covered in the following article which picks up from the end of the first article, The Geometry of Giza.

Addressing every point of this research is beyond the scope of two articles, I am doing the best I can to have the E-Book available. I hope this information will help answer the many questions this work has generated.

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