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Further Reflections on Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

The choice to lead one’s life according to the highest Dharma (whether it be Buddha-Dharma, Sat Yoga Dharma, or some other similarly sattvic set of disciplines, such as those of Christian monastic orders, Sufi or Shiite religious orders, or Jewish halakha) must be made only with the highest degree of seriousness of purpose and determination. To a certain point, the greater the renunciation, the greater the rewards—but that is true only if one’s intention is pure and wholehearted. If the decision lacks authenticity or maturity, then it is likely to backfire. But clearly the more one’s actions are in alignment with what is highest and most vital and virtuous within one, the greater are the blessings of ascension on the stairway to heavenly consciousness.

The conscious choice of one’s life purpose should be considered carefully before stumbling into karmic entanglements that can swallow one up for a lifetime. This is especially true now, as we near the end of civilization, as we know it. If we are not clear about where we are in the destiny vortex of our planet, then that should be studied in depth as well. None of these epistemological and ontological issues would be of such intense concern if not for the urgency of our existential situation.

What should be clear to all is that the end point of the trajectory of consciousness lies beyond what is currently called knowledge, beyond language, beyond the mirage of duality, beyond the world of Maya to the realization that this entire cosmos is only the dreamlike manifestation of the One Supreme Being. If we start with that recognition, even if it is only conceptual to begin with, we will be able to open our hearts to the higher reality of love. All paths are in agreement that love is the gateway to the Infinite. May we recognize our oneness in the indescribable Emptiness of ego that is the Fullness of the Absolute, and which is manifest always in the form of unconditional divine love. Love or psychosis: we must choose.



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