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Further Reflections on Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

Now the final question: How do we get there? Using plant medicine or meditation? Or can we arrive at Illumination through the cognitive discipline of metaphysics? Or will devotional chanting do the trick? In fact, any or all of these may work, depending on the temperament of the consciousness that is seeking Itself. So there is no conflict between the entheogenic quest via the tryptamine palace, or the crystal castle of consciousness that can be attained through meditative means. And gyana yoga (the path of metaphysical knowledge) and bhakti yoga (prayer and devotion) have been recognized since the Vedic age as excellent means to attain jivan mukti, the Supreme Liberation.

Meditation is the best path for some, while ayahuasca works better for others. There are also dangers in every path. The psychedelic path can obviously involve bad trips and blown-out brain circuits. Meditation can also bring up repressed traumas and anxieties and the whole dark night of the soul. The devotional seeker can get caught up in a cult that exploits rather than liberates. The philosopher can get bogged down in books and never reach Nirvana. Ultimately, everyone must follow their own way, and that way will probably include at least a little of every means and method.

The approach of Sat Yoga, which focuses on meditation practice, bringing about the naturally arising endo-production of entheogens; plus sattvic self-discipline to purify the karmic and dharmic fields; plus the processing of dreams, symptoms, and other psychic manifestations to raise consciousness to higher assemblage points and transform the ego; plus cognitive action to gain understanding of the multidimensional structure of consciousness that forms our reality; plus the determination to sacrifice the ego into the Supreme Flame of the Absolute; plus performing the charitable service of karma yoga, and receiving the support of a spiritual community and the wisdom of well-trained and adept transformational guides; all together create a path of great power with minimal danger. Such a path is not for everyone, and it is not intended to be. But those who seek such a path, and such a refuge, including having the option of living in an ashram as a contemplative renunciate of the destructive jouissance of ego-consciousness, should know that this is available as a valid life choice.

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