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The Ascendancy of Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

The only way that the general ideologies of cynicism, materialism, and even that of entheogenic psychedelicism, can be cracked is through the experience of such a communal energy field. No mushrooms or peyote or cannabis are necessary for this transcendent attainment. In fact, those substances do not dissolve the ego; they only offer at best brief glimpses of the paradise of pure consciousness. Only the true heroic work of surrender to the One Self will avail to reach the Real. This achievement will be the new wonder of the world. It is through this passage beyond knowledge to the Truth of Supreme Silence and Theomorphic Presence that the current ascendancy of psychotic knowledge will be overthrown. It is not new information, whether psychotic or shamanic, that will effect change, but it is the infinite power of God’s Presence that will announce the dawn of the new Sat Yuga.

Through baptism in the waters of sacred silence, a spiritual community can restore the efficacy of language. Once a community of yogis sits together in silence long enough to download and establish a common carrier wave of loving interconnectivity, the manifestation of knowledge will arrive as a renewed expression of Truth. In this way, humanity can be reborn as a telepathic union of the many and/as the One. From the zero point of Supreme Silence, the One God can again be represented truthfully in language. This renewed alignment of knowledge and Truth will bring about an end to the eclipse of God in the world of ego consciousness. The Sun of Truth will burn through the veil of illusion and reveal that our GodSelf is all and everywhere!

Be prepared for the coming ascendancy of Truth. Better yet, be a divine manifestation of the highest Truth. The Truth, the Real, like the famous alien in the Hollywood film of that name, will emerge from your own chest, from your own heart, and kill your ego as it gives birth to the Great Self that will transform our universe. You are the Alien. Let your heart be sacrificed to the Self, so that the new world may be quickly born!



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