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The Ascendancy of Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

The energetic battery of yogic Realization that once powered human history, the energy of Spirit supplied by the masters of meditation, has indeed gone dead, all over the world. This has been a long process, involving the suppression of monasteries, the destruction of the world’s indigenous cultures and their yogic/shamanic lineages, and the materialistic indoctrination of society, turning people against their spiritual leaders, as the Chinese are now doing in Tibet, having destroyed its monastic culture. Only a few sparks of Real spiritual power can be felt anywhere. But those embers of the sacred flame can still be fanned into a fire that will renew human existence for another cycle of cosmic time, at an even higher level of consciousness than in the past cycle, if we are willing to perform the great work of becoming adept yogis.

The modern attempt at demythologizing religion, which can be seen in such contemporary cultural artifacts as the Zeitgeist films, falsely proclaims that the great avatars of the past were mere representations of the Sun, and that the world’s mythologies were only descriptions of astronomical events. Such a view contains the half-truth of its recognition of the amazingly profound astronomical knowledge of the ancient world, but fails to recognize that astronomical data, and indeed the Sun itself, was used only as a representation of the Supreme Real. Those who have had near-death experiences and those who have entered higher forms of Samadhi, and even some who have had nonordinary tryptamine experiences, can testify that the light of our physical sun pales in comparison to the supernal light of the Supreme Sun of Transcendent Consciousness!

Because the signifier can no longer be trusted as expressing Truth, we must return to the gold standard of Silence. Only the utter mental silence of authentic inner peace that radiates the ineffable but irresistible divine energy can be effective as an organizing principle for new communities. Knowledge of the mechanics of the ego and its deceptive cognitive malfunctioning is important, but that knowledge can only be trusted when it is taught by those who have achieved genuine transcendence of the ego and freedom from its drives and pathologies. Words are cheap, but silence is golden. The byproducts of inner silence include humility, compassion, virtue, detachment, and luminous fullness. These byproducts also cannot be counterfeited. Their appearance in a community today is extremely rare, and any community that can operate with all its members resonating at such a frequency of conscious harmony will astound any visitor.

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