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The Ascendancy of Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

The great question is whether it is still possible to re-establish the gold standard of all human organization and bring about a renaissance of human unity at a higher level than is presently manifest. The first clue to the answer lies in understanding how the ancient yogis were able to maintain an independent power center that sustained the original culture field of Bharata, and later what is called the classical Indian culture. It is essential to recognize that the same principles of yoga became the internal power that underlay the success of all the cultures of the world. It was through their practice of meditation that the yogis became powerful energetic batteries that enabled cultural integrity and propelled human achievement in every field of knowledge.

The symbolic systems that grew out of and explained the energetic secrets of yoga were merely representations of an achievement that had nothing to do with discourse, but was unimpeachably Real. The power of the Supreme Real is what gave birth to the world’s mythologies. Those myths soon were downgraded to religions and fossilized as dogmas, and the Supreme Real was repressed in favor of what became mere phenomenal reality. With the appearance of the virtual reality of the internet and artificial intelligence, we can distinguish between reality and the Real. What we refer to as reality is conditioned by discourse and can be corrupted. It can also be shifted by events in hyperreality. But the Supreme Real is beyond such effects. Its power and its energies cannot be affected by events in either reality or hyperreality. If we are to survive in reality, however, we must return to the Supreme Real and manifest as authentic avatars of the archetypal Real Self. We must jettison our identifications with both reality and hyperreality, which have both been proven to be unreal. This is what the teachers of advaita and sat yoga have been teaching for centuries. But most of the yogis, whose function as conduits of the energy of the Supreme Real maintained the world, have now passed from the scene. And with them, the energy that keeps our world alive has sputtered and is dying away. Our world cannot long maintain itself in manifestation unless our batteries are re-charged.

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