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The Ascendancy of Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

These hyperreal exponents of exponentially audacious intervention by impeccably invisible yet omnipotent intergalactic and interdimensional powers have finally trumped the merely real authorities of our de-legitimized demiurgic and merely phenomenal sub-world that used to be able to claim to be our entire reality. We have gone from Nietzshe’s axiom that God is dead, to the postmodern claim that Man is dead, and now we can say that reality is dead. Reality has been overcome, not by any single alternative worldview, but by a burgeoning legion of otherworldly messengers. And who is to say that they are false or demonic? Who has the credibility to say anything authoritative any more? Who will listen? By suppressing authentic information and feeding the public too much flavorless and undigestible disinformation, the merely mortal authorities with their clearly fallible forms of knowledge have given birth to a disinformational universe, in which they are the first victims of their own bad karma.

But the situation is more radical than that. Language itself has been exposed as a primitive and ineffective instrument of consciousness. Yet we have not crossed over to any higher wave of coherent interconnectivity. The reign of the signifier has been overthrown, yes. But no new monarch has been crowned in its place. We have fallen into the gap, the abyss of an unprecedented autism of un-communicability. Each of us floats in our own bubble of narcissistic idiocy, a subculture of one, unable to establish common terms of discourse with others. The solution of many is to hide within the slightly larger bubble of biological family enmeshment, but there is no genuine communication in that realm, either. Increasingly desperate attempts to find a soul mate have arisen in this context. At least there must be one other person who can understand us. But such efforts are rarely successful in the long term. Of course, the same logic applies to social and religious groups. The centrifugal force of dueling signifiers fractures every field of human intercourse.

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