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The Ascendancy of Psychotic Knowledge (cont.)
By Shunyamurti

We can trace this problem back to the period immediately following the Second World War, when the government of the United States created a national security establishment and a general secrecy state. The geostrategic push to gain total hegemony over all global political actors had to remain covert. More and more information became classified as top secret, not only in areas of normal politics, but also in the sciences. Some of this rush to restrict the flow of information was a response to the intrusion of alien spacecraft into our skies. Since the government had no adequate response to this threat, the existence of such entities had to be denied and ridiculed. Many careers of honest observers of such phenomena were destroyed by that disinformation campaign.

The secret levels of government soon overshadowed the public government and turned it into a mere front for the actually ruling powers. This opened the field for conspiracy theories, many with a high level of credibility. Challenges to the secret government occurred from time to time from within Congress or the White House. This led to limited revelations of horrifying criminal acts on the part of the secret government against its own people as well as on a global level. Most of the challenges to the secret government were successfully squelched, however, leaving a wake of assassinations, suspicious deaths, smear campaigns, vindictive prosecutions, and other forms of intimidation.

As time went on, it became clear that not only was the government holding out on the people, but the scientific elites were as well. Mainstream medicine, for example, lost its credibility when it became recognized that many treatments were motivated by profit margins rather than curative efficacy. In an even more general way, the entire system of information distribution, through the major media, lost its credibility when it became recognized that the news media serve the secrecy establishment rather than challenge it. The public’s alienation from the actual conspiracy by mainstream media to prevent the release of true information reached new highs after 9/11. The capitulation of the media, in turn, has led to the use of the internet as an information source inviting ever more independent efforts of whistle-blowing, epitomized by the recent wikileaks phenomenon.

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