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The XVIIth DECREE of PTOLEMY V: What "The Rosetta Stone" Really Says (cont.)
By Robert D. Morningstar

Yul Brynner would not have played Rameses in "The Ten Commandments."

Charlton Heston would not have led the Hebrews to "The Burning Bush"…

nor would he part the Red Sea for us each Easter.

We would not know the names Aten, Aketaten, Amenhotep or the attributes of the Neteru, "The Sky Gods" of Heliopolis (Abydos) or of Khufu, Djoser and Imhotep, the Father of Medicine, called "Aesclypius" by the Greeks. We would know nothing of the Hyksos or "The Sea Peoples" or of "The Egyptian Book of the Dead."

Mankind might have remained, as Graham Hancock puts it, "…a species with amnesia."

Like a somnambulant awakening to his precarious position on the edge of a precipice, Mankind is only now slowly passing out of its amnesia but that would not be occurring without "The Rosetta Stone." The Aquarian Age would not be happening as it is.

Perhaps, we might have known some of these figures by their Greek names or counterparts, such as "Cheops" for Khufu, but the greater part of the most ancient roots knowledge and the foundations of Western History would have remained in darkness.

Therefore, let us praise his memory and "Hail, Ptolemy V Epiphanes."

Long May the Memory of the Great Illuminator of Egypt's ancient past live on and be remembered always in the Halls of Amenta.

Robert D. Morningstar
New York City
February 27, 2007

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