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Anubis, Companion to Osiris (Cont)

By Lee McGiffen

The Pyramid Texts and the Circumpolar Stars

The Pyramid texts tell us about the shamanic journey of King Unas. They tell us quite plainly that King Unas ascends to the imperishable stars. This may be a reference to the shamanic journey of Unas as well as his journey in death.

"He comes to thee, O his father." (Utt.222, Sp.201)

"The Father of Unas, Atum, seizes the arm of Unas and he assigns Unas to ... the imperishable stars." (Pyr. Texts, utt.269, sp.380.)

These imperishable stars are the circumpolar stars. The Pyramid Texts also tell us repeatedly that "this Unas has not died". This is another way of saying that Unas has ascended to the circumpolar stars.

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