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Anubis, Companion to Osiris (Cont)

By Lee McGiffen

Anubis on His Mount

Anubis is often referred to in the Book of the Dead as being "on his mount". When the Jackal is on his Mount, Ursa Minor is at rest, at the celestial pole.

The mount, or mound, is a pedestal that has been taken as a figure of the Hall of Records. (Note that the Sphinx is sometimes depicted sitting on his/her mount.)

The mount is also a figure of the celestial pole, as it is in the mythologies of other races. For example, Mt Meru in the Hindu tradition is a figure of the celestial pole. This mount is also the first mound of creation, emerging from the waters and covered in grass. It is therefore the same as the Uat or Tuat, the field of reeds.

We have seen from the Zodiac of Denderah that Anubis is Ursa Minor. "Anubis on his mount" is therefore Ursa Minor at the celestial pole.

The Great Pyramid is another figure of the first mound of creation, on top of which the heron or phoenix rests. The long beak of the heron is a figure of the celestial pole.

The heron on his mound is the same as "Atum on his Mound". Thus the heron is the bird at the beginning of all time, when the first piece of land, the mound, arose out of the waters. Later, the heron becomes the ibis as the celestial pole approaches Ursa Minor. Astronomically, the curve of Ursa Minor is the beak of the Ibis. The heron, or ibis, perching on his mound, with fish in his mouth, drawing it out of the waters, is Ursa Minor.

Anubis, as a Jackal-God, is the spirit guide of Osiris through the Underworld, guiding him from "his mount on high". It could be said, then, that the constellation Ursa Minor guides the constellation of Orion from on high as Orion journeys into the Underworld.

The feather is another representation of Ursa Minor as the pole constellation. The feather in turn is a pen, which is a symbol of Thoth or Seshat. Seshat is figured with a seven-pointed star above her head. This means seven stars, and represents the seven stars of Ursa Minor.

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