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Four Poems (cont.)
By Jim Macaulay

A Sudden Sense of Adventure

I awoke with a sense of adventure
From a restless sleep's strange dreams.
All night long I'd conversed with a voice
Who spoke in my head without means.

The story it told of the end of the world,
At the time mattered nothing to me,
But a sense of adventure took over my will,
When I heard what the outcome would be.


"At the end of your world
I will be there to sing
As my song brings the end to all things."

Just what is the song that you sing?
Is it not just the same
As a wolf pack's howl?

Or the odd squeaky voice
Of the deep swimming whale,
Or a wind in the trees
As it flutters the leaves?

"No, my song is quite different,
It comes from inside;
It comes from deep down in my core.

The sweet measured notes
Which arise from within,
Use rhythms passed on from before.

I'm the Orphic lyre with my music of time
Holding all in its sway with my sound.
Do you know all that you see and all that you hear

And all that feels solid below
Are naught but the hum of vibrating cords,
Strings which are, and are not really there?

At the end of your world, in its cycle of time
With the hum of its quarks slowing down,
The song that I'll sing
May be OM or AMEN,

For both bring an end to all life.
There are some who may know
That their world's going slow

As their river of time ends its run.
With my energy spent by the end of the song
Your world will be still with no sound"

Is that it? Is that all that there is?
How will we know of the change,
Will our bodies disperse,
Or will vibrations just stop and have done?

When our actions then cease, will we die?
Oh please won't you stay your terrible song
While we strive for our turn,

Of a spin on life's wheel,
And a chance to take part
In your challenge of living with death?

Now you plead halt.
It's too late to cry stop!
For I must away to distant
Universes, their pitiful cares to attend.

Other universes?
Of course, need you ask?
Yours lies here at the back of my mind.

Arise, my child, since you are the special one.
Slough that body, come with me,
Explore my multiverse.

There learn my song,
Leave your fingerprints
On a different place.

Tame the serpents of the mind.
Surf the waves of cosmic wind,
Slide through the cracks of mind's mental thought.

Be at all places omnipresent.
At all times have been there before.
Nurture any who try to rise above.
Select the one with whom to talk.

Is that it? Is that all?

© Jim Macaulay

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