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The Parting of the Waters:
The Case from Scripture for the Reincarnation of Jesus
By Mark Gaffney

Conclusion: Orthodoxy Contradicts Scripture!

So who is right? Perhaps the question ought to be: why does the doctrine of the Catholic Church directly contradict the words of Jesus? I must say, the more I have pondered the Naassene point of view, in light of scripture, the more impressed I am by the idea of the sacred river, together with all that it implies. Because, whether heresy or not, the entire sequence I have described, from Moses to Joshua to Elijah to Elisha to Jesus has a compelling inner light and logic, suggesting that Elijah and Elisha represent an important transitional stage between the Old and New Testaments. Not only does this Naassene interpretation make perfect sense, it has the added merit of being scripturally unassailable. Can it be that the Naassenes, those despicable Gnostics whose heresies were likened by the good Bishop Hippolytus to "a many headed hydra," were correct, after all?

Mark Gaffney

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