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The Parting of the Waters:
The Case from Scripture for the Reincarnation of Jesus
By Mark Gaffney

A Note to the Reader: The following is a chapter from my book THE SACRED JORDN AND THE PARTING OF THE WATERS. The book is about a sect of Gnostic-Christians who were known as the Naassenes. They were based in Alexandria during the early period of Christianity, and they claimed a direct link to James the Just, the brother of our Lord. Almost everything we know about the Naassenes is based on a single source document, the Refutation of All Heresies by Bishop Hippolytus. The Naassenes believed that Jesus reversed the flow of the Jordan. The following chapter explores the Old Testament background for such a belief, and arrives at some radical conclusions about the relationship of John the Baptist and Jesus to the Old Testament prophets Elijah and Elisha.

* * *

Every school boy knows the tale, if not from Church or Sunday school, then thanks to Hollywood: how Charlton Heston, playing the bearded patriarch Moses, lifted up his serpent staff and commanded the mighty waters. Whence, the Red Sea parted and the Hebrews crossed over between the towering walls of sea water. And pharaoh's troops, following in relentless pursuit, were swamped and destroyed; how, in short, the Israelites were able to make good their escape into the wilderness of Sinai; where according to tradition they wandered for forty years.

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