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A Cosmological Journey - How modern scientific data is taking us back to the wisdom of the ancients (cont.)
By Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS (MD in USA), Dip Bio-Energy

Dimensions of Consciousness

In order to understand the Black Hole Principle, we need to first discuss a few other scientific ideas. One is that the universe is made up of many dimensions. This concept started in physics after Einstein had successfully united space and time. What Einstein did was the equivalent of going up a hill to look at the big picture in a disorganised crowd. The scene becomes unified and you can see what is going on from a higher perspective instead of seeing chaos on the ground.

This is effectively what Einstein did in mathematical terms and ever since, people have been finding a way to unite all the forces of nature and sometimes they have been creating higher dimensions to do it, as found in String Theory. These higher dimensions are all around us but we can't see them because they have different geometrical qualities. Physicists used to think that these dimensions are very small but changed their minds and started realizing that these dimensions could be worlds of their own.[10] So, according to physics, we live in a universe of many dimensions.

The Infinite Light of Heretics

Another concept that has come out of academic physics in recent years is that the speed of light is not the speed limit of the universe. It sounds crazy, but some radical thinkers such as Professor Joao Magueijo in London have been postulating that the way to solve some of the the problems we have in cosmology, such as the horizon problem and the flatness problem, is to realise that the speed of light is variable and was faster in the early universe.[11] Magueijo even goes onto say that light is infinite and it is curled up in higher dimensions.[12],[13] So what we see as the speed of light is actually a small fraction of its actual speed, which is infinite. Naturally these ideas have caused a storm in the world of physics with some people branding Magueijo and colleagues as heretics.

But it leaves us with the notions that the universe is one of infinite light that contains many dimensions and if we put that together with ideas coming from quantum theory, it is also alive with consciousness. All this has come from physicists themselves in the academic world not from New Age postulations which make these ideas so remarkable.

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