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A Cosmological Journey - How modern scientific data is taking us back to the wisdom of the ancients (cont.)
By Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS (MD in USA), Dip Bio-Energy

The Universe Speaks

I was pondering all of these conundrums — black holes, dark matter and dark energy and microquasars as I took a walk with my dog in the woods in the autumn of 2003. I also wanted to find out how everything fitted together with the notion that consciousness is fundamental to the universe, which has arisen out of the work of quantum physicists such as Amit Goswami and Fred Alan Wolf.[7],[8] Radical scientists such as these had looked at the conclusions of quantum physics which tell us that a subatomic particle only comes into existence when it is measured. They realised that the act of conscious observation has a role in creating reality. Some physicists have gone further and concluded that in fact, consciousness is fundamental to the universe.

Mulling all of this over in the woods, I decided to take a rest on the branch of an oak tree and remembered something I had seen years ago in a video featuring the mathematical cosmologist Brian Swimme.[9] He recommended that we take time to tune into the rotation of our own planet and for some reason, here on this branch of an oak tree, was the first time I tried it.

What came next is something I find hard to describe, but it was if I had been thrown into the very fabric of the universe and caught a glimpse of its secrets. Everything seemed to be made up of the most exquisite geometry and mathematics, which was at the same time both infinitely complex and ever so simple. And I suddenly understood how black holes work and it wasn't at all how we had previously theorised. I had been shown what I now call ‘The Black Hole Principle' and it was a discovery that would profoundly alter the course of my life.

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