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A Cosmological Journey - How modern scientific data is taking us back to the wisdom of the ancients (cont.)
By Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS (MD in USA), Dip Bio-Energy

The Road to 'Eureka'

Believe me, this is not where I thought I would end up putting forward a new theory in physics. I am from a medical family and have trained as a GP like my parents. But after a spontaneous spiritual awakening, which happened in my first few weeks of medical school, I added a burgeoning mystical life to my medical studies. Pretty soon, I realised that the principles of the universe I was experiencing mystically must have their correlation within the scientific realms.

To start with, I simply wanted to explain these esoteric principles in terms of modern physics. Like authors who had published before me, I could see the links between esoteric principles such as distant healing and non-locality in quantum theory. So I started learning about ideas in cutting-edge physics and comparing these with traditional esoteric principles. My aim in the beginning was to provide better care for my patients. I had a (perhaps naive) belief that if doctors simply understood the physics behind energy healing modalities, then maybe they would lose their fear of including them in medical practice and patients would then benefit from these powerful but non-toxic treatments. But this journey took me somewhere quite different.

Gradually a different path emerged and as I firmly stepped onto it, the universe moved around me creating extraordinary events leaving me free to study and write full time. I started writing a book, even though I had no publisher initially, highlighting the links between cutting-edge biology and physics and esoteric ideas. But how did I end up going from being a GP wanting to help her patients to making predictions about the universe that were rapidly being proved to be right?

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