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A Cosmological Journey - How modern scientific data is taking us back to the wisdom of the ancients (cont.)
By Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS (MD in USA), Dip Bio-Energy

Bang Goes the Theory

This means that creation is happening at every single level, not just at one single point 15 billion years ago; there was no Big Bang. Astonishingly the very evidence that was supposed to support Big Bang theory is showing up its deficiencies and this has prompted a group of cosmologists to form the Alternative Cosmology Group, protesting that unless you work on Big Bang theory, you will not get academic funding.[27]

However, the more we look at the evidence, the more Big Bang theory disintegrates. For example, when we started looking deeper into the universe, we expected to find that we would see only younger stars; as it has taken a longer time for the light to reach us, we should be looking into the early universe. But that is not the case. No matter where we look, the universe looks the same — old stars and young stars appear everywhere.[28]

The other piece of evidence that was supposed to cement Big Bang theory, but instead derailed it was the measurement of the microwave background radiation. Discovered by accident in the 1960s by Penzias and Wilson, this radiation has been interpreted as the remnants of the Big Bang. We even faintly pick it up as the ‘snowstorm' picture on our television sets.

But strange features started to appear in the microwave background. Curious alignments and axes were seen that relate to current structures.[29] ,[30] This meant that instead of being related to an event that happened billions of years ago, the microwave background shows alignments to current objects. With microwaves being emitted by our very own Milky Way black hole — it could be that the microwave background is aligned to current structures because it is being emitted by them in the here and now![31]

Time and time again, findings that were puzzling to astrophysicists were perfectly fitting the Black Hole Principle. The predictions I have outlined above applied to structures as small as a quark and unexpected as a brown dwarf.[32],[33]

So when I found that antimatter was pouring out of our own Milky Way galaxy in a veritable fountain to the surprise of many, but totally predictable by this theory, I realised that too much evidence was accumulating for me to keep this theory to myself, it needed to get out there.[34] So I collated the data together and published it in the book Punk Science which provides many of the references for further reading. Since then of course, we have discovered massive bipolar gamma ray emissions coming from our own galaxy too: another iteration of the theory.[35]

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