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A Cosmological Journey - How modern scientific data is taking us back to the wisdom of the ancients
By Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton MBBS (MD in USA), Dip Bio-Energy

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Punk Science

Punk Science

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Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton

For April 2011 Author of the Month please join us in welcoming Dr. Manjir Samanta-Laughton.
Dr. Manjir's new book, Punk Science, demonstrates that ideas from the cutting-edge of science actually explain phenomena that have previously been thought of as paranormal. Dr. Samanta-Laughton offers a new model of the universe, where consciousness generates life, where black holes exist inside our bodies as well as far out in space, and where the same science explains galaxies and planets as well as human evolution, auras and chakras. Drawing on the very latest in scientific understanding, the Black Hole principle outlined by in this book, represents the next leap forward in both human understanding and living, and gives a closer approximation to scientific reality than the macho-approach of the old-style physics. Please join the conversation on the AoM Message Boards this month.

A Realisation of Galactic Proportions

“OK, that's it! I can't keep this to myself anymore.”

It was early 2004 and I looked up from the report in New Scientist magazine. Antimatter had been found pouring from the heart of our very own Milky Way galaxy and astrophysicists did not know why.[1] But strange though this was, it was totally predictable from the theories I had published in a paper the previous year.[2] How was it that I knew something that the astrophysicists themselves did not? And why me? Why was a female, British Asian, medical GP without even an A-level in physics and barely out of her twenties, coming up with all these ideas about the cosmos?

It was that moment that prompted me to overcome my reservations about writing the book that eventually became Punk Science.[3] I was in the middle of something big, I didn't know why — I just had to go with it and see where this road was leading me. It was as if I wasn't in control any more; this theory had begun to take over my life.

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