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Biological Knowledge of Ancient Meso-American Indians
Summary of Maciej Kuczyński's book "Czciciele węża"
("Worshippers of the Serpent" or “Veneradores de la Serpiente”), Warszawa 1990. (cont.)
By Maciej Kuczyński

The application of the biological approach to the Indian symbols allowed me to understand how their biological knowledge had been transformed into a religious system and had led to the creation of Quetzalcóatl, The Feathered Serpent (quetzal - the holy bird, cóatl - serpent), the most worshipped, if not the supreme, god of Meso-America and regarded as the creator of Man.

Figure 11. Two rods of a bivalent chromosome; each one is a strand of double helix with protruding loose loops of DNA

Page 36 of Nuttal (1) depicts the cell strand twisted, bearing linear information and transforming itself into a human body - as a serpent with feathers. A kind of allegory is suggested: from the feathered serpent, the chromosome (or simply from the DNA’s double helix), to the human body. Unanswered is why the Indians compared the chromosome (or DNA’s double helix) to the serpent with feathers as there was no such creature existing in nature. The electromicrographs of the bivalent chromosomes provide the answer (11).

From the chromosomal strands (11), numerous loose loops of DNA protrude. Biologists call this form “the lampbrush chromosome”. But for an Indian, also a contemporary one, such a picture would more likely be seen as a serpent with feathers!

There are many other examples which strongly support such an explanation. Throughout the whole Meso-America feathered serpents commonly appear double, as a pair or as one body with two heads. The drawing ( 12) shows how one serpent (single tail) “replicates” itself to produce two twin serpents. The twist of their bodies is an allusion to the double helix. To avoid any doubt, a hieroglyph of malinalli grass is added, meaning the twisted thing.

Figure 12. The process of serpentís "self-duplication" similar to that of dna


Quetzalcoatl's other commonly used name was the Precious Twins, which is in full accordance with effigies of doubled, twin serpentine bodies representing bivalent chromosomes or DNA’s double helix. This is why the artist placed two such serpents (wearing symbolic mask's of Quetzalcóatl) inside the cell nucleus and surrounded them with the double helix ring marked with triplet codons (4). According to Quiche Indians (the holy book of Popol Vuh), the first living being in the primaeval ocean was the serpent with green (holy) feathers. The same creature has been identified as “the living germ of the lake and the sea” (acc. to J. de Cordoba).

Zapotec Indians used to refer to the serpent with the words: xica pita'o mani, which means “an animal from god's vessel”. The god's or precious vessel, chalchihuitl apazco, proved to be a living cell.

It is reasonable to presume that such were the cases for the serpent worship in Meso-America. (see also next chapter).

On the completion of my search I concluded that my initial thesis, i.e. that the ancient Meso-American Indians possessed biological knowledge has been confirmed as:

  1. the great quantity of formal likenesses between Mexican pictographs and biological structures excludes it having happened by chance or coincidence;
  2. the original Indian texts which correlate with graphic biological presentations, additionally attest to their biological intention;
  3. symbols do not appear separately but form logical, complete monothematic sequences, furthermore, symbols of simple structures, set together to form symbols of higher complexity, are always in accordance with the correct biological order;
  4. the extent of the numerical reconciliation definitely excludes chance or coincidence:
    - cell's or chalchihuitl division in 2, then in 4 parts,
    - 20 symbols of aminoacids and 4 bases of the genetic code and 3 bases of codon,
    - 23 rods of a double helix structure, 2 rods of a bivalent chromosome.
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