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Serpent of the North: The Overlook Mountain/Draco Correlation (cont.)
By Glenn M. Kreisberg, New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA)

Image of the plotted GPS data points and location of the 8 large lithic constructions

Image showing tracing of the 8 large lithic constructions

By comparing the tracing to the constellations we see only one match that comes close. The constellation Draco, known as the serpent or snake constellation, is a close match in shape, configuration and layout, to the position of the stone mound constructions laid out on the ground. In fact, by mirroring the image of the cairn configuration we see what appears to be an image of the constellation Draco reflected from the sky.

It should be pointed out; the eight points used to create the snake figure, were not "cherry picked", but were distinguished from the rest of the cairns by size and the fact that the large construction (50' -100' in size) appear to be randomly placed as opposed to the smaller cairns (6 - 10' in size) which appear in organized rows and clusters.  Sorting artifacts by features such as size and relative position, I believe, is a standard method of classification and in this case provides the basis for determining the stone mounds that constitute the petroform on Overlook Mountain.

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