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Serpent of the North: The Overlook Mountain/Draco Correlation (cont.)
By Glenn M. Kreisberg, New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA)

There is little doubt an aspect of paramount importance to the early indigenous dwellers of Overlook Mountain and the lands surrounding, whose connection to the natural world was both intimate and profound compared to this day and age, would have been the relationship and connection between the mountain and the sky.

My interest in the history of Overlook Mountain began in 2004 when a cell tower was proposed for the California Quarry, a historic bluestone quarry on the lower slopes of the mountain which operated from the 1830’s to the 1890s. During that period The California Quarry along with other, smaller, surrounding quarries, contributed greatly to early American industry and commerce in the region. While researching the quarry property I was introduced to the many “stone mounds” that were present on the 196 acre quarry property and nearby adjacent parcels. Early property deeds for the area show “ancient stone monuments” present from the first land grants, patents and subdivisions recorded.

In all, nearly 5 dozen cairns have been identified on the southeastern slopes of Overlook Mountain between an elevation of 1100 and 1500 feet. Most of the cairns are well formed and show deliberate construction techniques and practices such as dry stacking and the use of retaining walls. In some cases it appears quartzite and hematite “donation” stones, which are not structural in nature, were left on the piles.

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