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Serpent of the North: The Overlook Mountain/Draco Correlation (cont.)
By Glenn M. Kreisberg, New England Antiquities Research Association (NEARA)

Evidence for the veneration of the four directions, north, east, south and west, by the native tribes of America is well documented, dating back to before the time of first European contact and as witnessed by many of the first European colonists to arrive. In many native ceremonial practices, offerings are made to the four directions, relating each to a season and many times a relative. To this group, the pre-European Native Civilization of Northeast America, there was no more sacred and important knowledge than in which direction to face to make such offerings. Keeping track of and preserving that knowledge would have been an important task with both practical as well as ritual aspects, and every opportunity and advantage would have been taken to do so. Knowing the true location of celestial north and tracking it over time would have been the key to accounting for the celestial motion caused by precession, and this may have been the single greatest undertaking of the “big thinkers” of those ancient days.

Until further evidence is found, speaking to the identity and motives of the Catskills stone mound builders, it is hard to make a stronger case for a correlation between the ground constructions on Overlook Mountain and the stars above. However, further research into finding out how the constellations were identified by Native northeasterners, particularly the Algonquin speaking tribes and whether the existence and knowledge of the serpent constellation was present in northeast tribal mythology, or if they identified what Ancient Europeans called "Draco" as a serpent-like creature as well. Such evidence could considerably strengthen the argument for a correlation existing; a correlation, between the earth and sky, between the lithic constructions on Overlook Mountain and the serpent constellation in the stars above, marking the position of the eternal, celestial north. Documenting and confirming this correlation, this serpentine connection between the real and mythical, the grounded and the godly, between man and heaven; this would surely attest to the truly sacred nature of the site and provide a crucial clue to this unfolding mystery; one most deserving of further investigation and serious, scholarly attention.

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