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The Hammonasset Line (cont.)
By Glenn Kreisberg

Hammonasset Line extended to Michigan UP

Manitou Island off the Keweenaw Peninsula

This may all be just coincidence but there could be something more to it and it has piqued NEARA's interest.

In the next few weeks [time of writing April 2007] a group of researchers, including NEARA NY State Coordinator Polly Midgley and Princeton University Museum Art Conservator Norman E. Muller intend to examine the stone cairns on the Overlook Mountain in Woodstock. The group will survey, measure and photograph the several dozen mounds that have been identified, search for clues to their age and origin and determine how close to the Hammonasset Line they actually lie. And, NEARA members and researchers with friends and collogues in Michigan are pressing their contacts there for information and reports from that area.

One very significant point is that this line, the Hammonasset Line, if plotted properly, points directly to the Catskills and specifically to the Overlook Mountain all the way from eastern Long Island. This fact should help confirm the spiritual importance and high reverence the natives and others must have held in the mountains and their lofty summits. I believe this is important and should be remembered, researched and documented, with an attitude that honors the pre-colonial stone work found along the entire length of the Hammonasset Line and elsewhere.

I think this all plays well into the theory of my friend, NEARA member Dave Holden that the Woodstock valley was once used as a funeral zone by the Native tribes whose territorial borders shared our region and who created burial memorials placed in a systematic way along alignments. And, it might be suggested further, and the Hammonasset Line seems to support, that the ritual of burials along a line or grid of lines associated with the winter solstice sunrise and summer solstice sunset, may have been widespread and suggestive of a type of burial cult in the Northeastern United States (and perhaps further) that carried out such practices for thousands of years.

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