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The Hammonasset Line (cont.)
By Glenn Kreisberg

Hammonasset Line passes through Saugerties and Woodstock, NY

The New England Antiquities Research Association, NEARA is an organization I've belonged to for a few years now and I'm becoming more actively involved in their research. The Hammonasset Line is of particular interest to me because it actually crosses through our area and seems to come very near cairns identified on the Overlook Mountain as well as other stone markers in the valley below.

The stone works along the Hammonasset Line are considered to be memorials or burial markers aligned with the position of the solstice sun and may suggest some sort of widespread burial cult or ritual, in practice during the Woodland and perhaps Late Archaic Period. Since the line is dated to around 5000 years ago, a time when Sun worship was at it's height in places like Egypt and the British Isles, I thought this an interesting coincidence given that some believe the Egyptian cultural influence may have spread worldwide during that civilization's high point around 2500 BCE.

Stone cairns present on south eastern slope of the Overlook Mountain in Woodstock, NY Ulster County
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