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Did Ancient Humans Have Knowledge of the Electromagnetic (EM) Spectrum? (cont.)
By Glenn Kreisberg, Radio Frequency (RF) Spectrum Engineer

The infant field of Radio Archeology:

I would suggest a series of experiments, conducted to scientific method standards, to test and measure both transmit and receive propagation properties of pre-historic sites that meet specific criteria. Such tests should utilize carrier wave transmitters and spectrum scanning receivers and software, along with spectrometers, spectrum analyzers and oscilloscopes to determine if propagation properties are enhanced by the sacred site locations and or site configuration and construction materials.

Someone once said that science is like a game of darts. The surface of the dartboard, albeit perhaps infinite, represents all the science there is to know. Each theory confirmed through experiment and scientific method, represents a dart hitting its mark on the dartboard of science. While the surface of the board may have many darts in it, most of it, as of yet, remains untouched by a dart. And of course, sometimes one dart thrown may knock out a previously thrown dart from its apparently secure location. In other words, there is still a great deal of true science yet to be discovered and confirmed, and perhaps some ideas that may need to be unlearned. Above all, the perspective with which we search is perhaps the key to what we discover.

An important lesson may be learned from the device known as the Antikythera Mechanism. The device, discovered over 100 years ago on the floor of the Mediterranean Sea, has been found by archeologists to be 2000 years old. Because the device suggests that the ancient Greeks had the mechanical sophistication of 18th century Swiss watchmakers, historians and scholars have generally ignored it. Could this device be evidence that a period of technological devolution, as a general trend, took place over many thousand of years in fields such as mathematics, mapmaking, mechanics and more? Can the same claim be made for wave and particle theory? Was much more known, much earlier on, than current evidence supports and the academic world is willing to accept?

Nothing less than a major shift in the approach to these mysteries needs to occur in order for a full debate and examination of the facts and theories to take place within the established academic community. The fact is the Antikythera device exists, as do many other anomalies of science. No, they do not fit into the context of established history, but to fail to consider them as part of a larger picture that is far from complete does a great disservice to the pursuit of knowledge.

Fig. 9. Two views of the Antikyantera Mechanism, which has been shown to be a calculator for the movements of celestial bodies.

From the first time a human tossed a pebble into a pond, the dynamics, properties and laws of wave propagation were evident for him to examine and test. In air as in water these properties follow consistent traits: Greater power creates larger waves, and waves could easily be regulated and directed. Could it be that our ancestors understood the subtle properties of EM waves and particle fields and even manipulated them, harnessing the power of nature and the power of the unseen spectrum? As if to give the game away, they placed clues for us to find. All of their rituals, their religions, cults, gods, demigods, the whole of their lives, were linked to the cycles of the universe. And it is important to recognize that this is how the ancients understood the powers of the universe, through their gods. Perhaps, they did not conceive of electromagnetic power as we do, but rather as god-given signs and signals, as the power of the gods to be tapped into by humans.

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