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A Simple Explanation (cont.)
By Mike Knowles

Hubert nodded. "We'll call it Universal Conscious Intelligence or, UCI." Hubert said the idea had occurred to him when he heard that some quantum physicists believed that we created the universe simply by observing it. "So what if the universe we observe has been created by UCI?"

"Wait a minute!" I cried as his words sank in. "In that case, people could argue that your UCI is actually God."

Hubert laughed. "God with a difference. This God didn't create us, we're part of it. We ourselves are God, albeit in a very minor fashion. So when we pray to God we're merely praying to ourselves. And those who claim to have heard God's voice are simply talking to themselves. I pointed out that if he was right, then Richard Dawkins would find himself in a rather embarrassing position. He'd be arguing that he himself was a delusion. No doubt his publishers would welcome that because they could stop paying him royalties. Hubert looked blank and I realised he probably hadn't read that book. Seeing he couldn't read.

"Think of it as UCI's Grand Dream," Hubert said. "Technically speaking it's not a dream because it represents what we consider to be reality. But the term, "Grand Dream" is a nice catchy one. And this Grand Dream contained the Big Bang, (if that particular theory survives), leading to the creation of planet earth and resulting in the emergence of organic life. Leading eventually to us human beings. Each of these organic life forms use a small portion of UCI which gives them awareness. Of course, because we use only small portions of UCI, we humans can't see the whole picture. In other words, the universe would initially be a total mystery to us."

I remarked that his theory was certainly a fascinating one. But what evidence did he have to support it? "The fact that we're able to dream," said Hubert. "Not just ordinary dreams, but dreams so vivid that to all appearances they're real. We dream because we're mimicking what UCI can do. And we can't help but create these alternative realities because that's what our consciousness is built to do, albeit - in our case - at a much smaller level."

"So," I said. "Basically you're saying that we're living in a virtual world created by UCI. Just like that film, "The Matrix."

Hubert nodded. "Except, instead of actually existing inside a giant battery charger, we exist as pure UCI. And the feeling that we're individuals is pure illusion. It's all part of the Grand Dream. The truth is we all share the same consciousness. Which may explain the phenomena we call telepathy. This occurs when we partially awake and, in doing so, our consciousness merges briefly with another's."

Hubert could see I was sceptical, although the thought of being "The One" was rather appealing. "I wonder if I can dodge bullets," I mused. Hubert looked alarmed. "Not in this virtual universe. Not only have we as UCI constructed this virtual world, we've also constructed scientific laws to explain it. Along with certain rules. Just like the rules that govern the virtual worlds created in computer games."

"So now we're living in a computer game?" I said.

"No," said Hubert. "UCI is not a computer in any physical sense. Computers are machines that merely emulate what UCI can do. And the only one playing this game is ourselves. Your problem is that my theory implies that none of this is real. But you're wrong. This is reality. The fact that this may be a Grand Dream changes nothing. The universe we observe remains exactly the same. Scientists can consider my theory to be totally irrelevant. Why? Because the only thing that needs concern them is how the Grand Dream works. So what if it is a Grand Dream? Who cares? If my theory is false it changes nothing. And if my theory is true, then no amount of disbelief will change that fact. So why worry about it?"

"I'm not too happy about being in a Grand Dream," I said. "I love playing those RPG's on the computer. You know, the Role Playing Games. Like Dungeons and Dragons. You're out there with a band of like-minded heroes slaying goblins and evil wizards. A better term would be Virtual Reality."

"How about Virtually True Reality, or VTR," said Hubert.

"I'll go with that," I said.

I told Hubert that his theory actually produced a number of analogies with the world of computers. Alarming analogies. "Alarming?" asked Hubert. "In what way?"

"I hate to think I'm taking part in some ultimate version of "The Sims!"

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