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Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, Authors of the Month for January 2010

Was our solar system designed to produce humans? (cont.)
By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

The Equation

The equation describes a relationship between the hydrogen fine transition line, the ratio between the circumference and diameter of a circle, and the speed of light in a vacuum.

Cumming first realised the importance of the equation when he recognised the equation produced the number 361,449 - a very accurate value for the speed of light expressed in the Thom units (MY) of an ancient Stone Age measurement system.

Firstly, why is the top line of the equation, Hlf.π, significant? SETI (the Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence) searches on a frequency equal to the frequency of the hydrogen line multiplied by Pi (Hlf.π). This frequency was suggested by Pyotr Makovetsky, for various reasons, as the best potential transmission frequency that should be searched for signs of ETI, and this frequency was adopted by SETI. The search frequency equals 1420.405751 MHz multiplied by 3.141592653 (Pi is chosen to 10 significant figures to match Hlf) equals 4462.336272. If you check what frequencies members of the SETI alliance are listening on currently, you'll find that Makovetsky's frequency features in many of the lists SETI researchers are using.

Secondly, why is the value of Omega significant? This is the number 0.0123456789 - all the characters of the base 10 number system. Cumming states the message originator would know that this is a very likely number system for any life form to use. At the same time, using all the consecutive characters of any number system at all, in a message, is a very direct sign that this is a message, an ordered intelligent communication and not, he says, a random occurrence.

Take π/Ω and work this out. Our value for π is 3.141592653 (10 significant figures are used for Pi, as this is what we're using for Ω), divided by the Ω value of 0.0123456790 (using more significant figures won't affect the calculation), this gives us the result of 254.4690072. The result of the calculation is actually a value in Thoms (Th), namely 254 milliThoms, or more conveniently expressed as 0.2544690049 Ths.

Standard physics says that the frequency of a wave, multiplied by the wavelength of that wave, is equal to the speed of the wave. In the case of the equation, when you divide out π/Ω, the answer must be equal to the wavelength of the hydrogen line, because the hydrogen line frequency multiplied by the hydrogen line wavelength must equal the speed of light.

When we look at the overall equation, we know in advance that the equation will give the value for the speed of light very accurately because what we're doing is multiplying the frequency of the hydrogen line by the wavelength of the hydrogen line. But remember, we've divided π (3.141592653) by Ω (0.0123456790) to get a result for the hydrogen line wavelength expressed in Thoms, so the fact that we get a highly accurate answer appears to be nothing short of a miracle.

The speed of light calculated using the equation is 1420,405,751 cycles per sec (frequency (Hz)) multiplied by 0.2544690072 Thoms (wavelength). This works out at 361,449,241.3 Thoms/sec. This equals 299,804,073.2 metres/sec. This result for the speed of light is 99.996% correct.

Cumming claims that the application of the razor of Occam, we are left with the simple conclusion that the Earth, Sun, and Moon must have been Created to accord with the Equation of Creation.

Ancient knowledge

One question that needs to be asked is 'how did the people of the British Neolithic come to know all about the 366 system and the 'magic' of the Sun, Moon and Earth? Presumably they were told. The Sumerians, who did leave written records say they were told by strange outsiders who taught them the secrets of astronomy and science.

But amongst the many surprises we have endured over the last few years, it is one we came across in early 2009 that stumped us. As we explain in Before the Pyramids, there can be no doubt that the Founding Fathers of the USA secretly designed Washington DC using Megalithic seconds of arc for every detail of the City plan. It is still happening. The Pentagon is a perfect and inspirational exposition of Stone Age knowledge - using the 366 system and the Thom with as much perfection as Stonehenge or Thornborough.

And this was driven by the 33rd degree of the Ancient Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Presidents and people unknown have been driven to build a city using God's own values - a city fit for God's great purpose.

Do the powers that be in the USA already understand this message? Are they preparing to respond?

We believe that something very special is about to happen and the world needs to know what it is.

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