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Christopher Knight and Alan Butler, Authors of the Month for January 2010

Was our solar system designed to produce humans? (cont.)
By Christopher Knight and Alan Butler

The message

Are we looking at 'God's blueprint'? These integer numbers could not possible fall out of the Earth - Moon - Sun relationship by accident when every other solar system body appears to have no rules whatsoever.

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI), originally set up by NASA, spends a vast amount of energy searching for radio messages from a non-human origin based on the belief that we are probably not alone. SETI has been criticised by a number of physicists who argue that radio is not a viable means of communicating across the vast amounts of space and time involved in the universe. Some have suggested that a message is more likely to come by means of large physical objects.

Consider these words by Professor Christopher Rose and Dr Gregory Wright:

"Rather than transmitting radio messages, extraterrestrial civilizations would find it far more efficient to send us a 'message in a bottle', some kind of physical message inscribed on matter. And it could be waiting for us in our own backyard".

Could the Moon have been constructed as a message by integrating ratios and values of both the Sun and the Moon? The problem is that all of these values only work now -at this point in time, which means that the message sender intended for it to be discovered right at this point in time. Did they know that humans would have developed the intelligence to read the message at this point?

It all sounds very weird; especially to us because we are hard-nosed pragmatists, and certainly not wishful thinking believers in exotic ideas. Until now that is, because evidence should not be ignored just because it is not what you expected to see.

Could humans have been 'seeded' on a planet that would sustain us? It is a fact that the Moon has been a very accurate 'incubator' to nurture life at all of its stages of development. If the Earth did not have our unique Moon there would be no humans. That is certain.

Which brings us to David Cumming's idea that all of this can be expressed as an 'equation' that formally identifies that there is a message.

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