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Please join us in welcoming Leon Jenner as October 2011 Author of the Month. Leon Jenner is a builder by profession. He was born and raised in Eastbourne, Sussex, England. This is his first book. In his book he imagines himself wholly into the consciousness of a great Druid priest at the time of the Roman invasion. By his magic powers this Druid is able to turn the tables on Julius Caesar and set in motion the train of events that will lead to his assassination. This novel is an extraordinary feat of the imagination. At the end of the novel the narrator's consciousness shrinks down again into that of a modern day bricklayer. The reader is left to decide whether or not the central character really was a Druid in a previous incarnation or whether he is in fact a nutter. Leon originally published this book as an audio novel on the net, where it was a cult hit, scoring over a quarter of a million downloads. Two YouTube videos are available to peak your interest and we hope you’ll join the monthly discussion on the AoM Message Boards

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Imagine if you had your own personal Jesus. Not just a distant ambiguous figure in a book, but someone a mile or two away who you could drop in and visit.

What if he or she could sit opposite you and mix humour with the deepest wisdom, know with certainty how to heal you if you are sick, how to direct your mind and tell you where you are going to go when you die.

Imagine that this class of person, who could be either young or old, a gifted child even, could nurture the consciousness of your nation, the world, the universe.

Imagine a life where there are no unanswered questions.

This was a Druid.

Someone gifted with mind-blowing insight. Kings of Kings, Queens of Queens. Living in an age where their purity of mind could be believed in.

But we can be cynical now. Christianity and popular culture can see them as dark and manipulative.

But the truth is they were the shepherds of our dynamic, evolving human consciousness. They defended it against terrifying blows.

But every shepherd of old had to contend with the wolf and this wolf came from within.

It is curious that Victorian Britain, so wrapped up in being the new Roman Empire, should create the popular vision of the Druids. Old men in white robes with golden sickles, cutting mistletoe from an ancient oak.

These snippets, seized upon by the Victorians do have a precedent in the texts of ancient authors, including Julius Caesar who had direct experience of this European culture. But these apart, we know virtually nothing.

Caesar wrote that the Druids had to learn a great number of verses over a period of 20 years. It could be more likely that this period of time fitted within the lunar cycle, for example the lunar standstill, which happens every 18.6 years and may have acted as an initiation ceremony.

I believe that human consciousness is a dynamic, evolving force and I think that the ancient Britons lived by an idealistic or feminine philosophy. This shaped their consciousness as much as the Roman mind was shaped by their masculine, materialist philosophy.

It is clear to me that this Roman mind-set conquered far more that just the territories of Britain. Our own ancestors are exotic and alien to us, so much so that we now feel more comfortable in the institutions and lifestyles that have their roots in the Hellenistic world. With this in mind, there is no reason to suppose that a Druid couldn’t also be a woman, or even a gifted child.

I believe that Rome, unique in the ancient world for its paranoid aggression, created a jolt to this evolution of human consciousness. And the Druids, guardians, shepherding along this ancient consciousness, had to stand by as the Roman wolf devoured their sheep.

It is curious though that Britain was the springboard for this Roman consciousness so many centuries later.

The only druid from antiquity known by name is Diviciacus or Divitiacus of the Aedui. Not be confused with the king of the Suessiones also known by the Latinised name Diviciacus. The name means "avenger”.

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