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Richard Hoagland, Author of the Month for December 2007

Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA (cont.)
By Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

Using commercially available celestial mechanics/astronomical software — programs like the popular "Red Shift" series (which uses the official JPL ephemeris as its database) — we have been able to establish a pattern of behavior on NASA's part that points to something truly as inexplicable as it is exotic: a bizarre internal obsession by the Agency with three "gods" and "goddesses," reaching across the millennia directly from ancient Egypt — Isis, Osiris and Horus.

It is these same three Egyptian gods (whose mythic story has been documented by many Egyptologists and authors, including Christopher Knight and Robert Lomas, in The Hiram Key) that are also key to understanding the history of the Masonic Order. As we show in Dark Mission, it is this same mythology that is also at the heart of the belief systems of the NASA "Magicians" and Nazis as well. This ritual Egyptian symbolism, secretly practiced by NASA throughout these past five decades, publicly shows up only in its repeating, blatant choices of simple mission patch designs.

For instance, if one looks at the official patch for the Apollo Program (below), armed with our preceding "heads-up" regarding the bizarre NASA focus on all things "Egyptian," it becomes elemental to match the "A" (for "Apollo") as an actual stand-in for "Asar" — the Egyptian designation for "Osiris." This successful decoding of the hidden Egyptian meaning of the Apollo patch is redundantly confirmed — because "Asar/Osiris" is none other than the familiar Greek constellation of "Orion" — which is, of course, the background stellar constellation on the patch itself.

Apollo NASA

In case you think such ritual symbolism is some kind of temporary historical aberration, confined only to the Apollo Program and the 1960s, think again; when NASA recently selected a patch design for its new "CEV" spacecraft, which will eventually replace the Shuttle — and ultimately take American astronauts back to the Moon — look what NASA curiously picked again (below).


In Dark Mission we present a documented history of these continuing, inexplicable "secret society" manipulations inside NASA — not only of its personnel, but also of its major policies — which, in fact, have been going on since its Congressional formation, and all with this inexplicable "Egyptian focus."

We also investigate the purposes behind these apparently repeating rituals and identify the key players who have quietly made them happen.

You will also read more, regarding the accumulated evidence of widespread corruption, usurpation of the law and petty rivalries within the Agency — that have allowed these irrational religious practices to continue unabated.

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