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Richard Hoagland, Author of the Month for December 2007

Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA (cont.)
By Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

Below is just one example of the ancient, glass-like lunar ruins photographed in person by the Apollo astronauts, and hidden away (by a former NASA employee) in a private archive for more than 30 years. In Dark Mission, far more details on those historic in-situ astronaut lunar ruins observations are dealt with — and additional, uncensored Apollo photographs of these extensive structures, as well as photographs of some of the actual artifacts brought back to Earth — are presented, and analyzed in depth.

glass-like lunar ruins photographed in person by the Apollo astronauts

A skeptic might well ask at this point, how can we be presenting valid, official NASA images of suppressed ruins and technology if the Agency has spent so much time and energy over the last 40 years covering them up?

The answer is that after two generations, leaked images like the one above — displaying stunning details of ancient lunar structures arching overhead, as well as key alien artifacts that have been brought back — have also suddenly begun appearing on the internet, on official NASA websites!

A small cadre of loyal NASA employees were witnesses to what actually went on, and agreed at that time to keep the secret in the interest of national security. Some of these NASA employees, apparently, have finally "seen the light" — that this continued deception, no matter what the legal rationale or national security implications, was fundamentally extra-Constitutional. Because of these true NASA heroes, real space history as about to officially begin, again.

Based on our analysis as presented in this book, it is also our opinion that NASA's entire lunar exploration program — culminating with the incredibly successful manned Apollo Project — was carefully conceived, from the beginning, as a kind of "alien reconnaissance" followed by an "alien artifacts retrieval" program.

Again, the intention to do just that was blatantly laid out in Brookings. We now believe this is the reason by which President John F. Kennedy — reported to be "totally disinterested in space"[vi] — was quietly convinced to announce his historic decision to "send men to the Moon... and return them safely to the Earth... within a decade" in May of 1961. This was widely believed, then and now, to be Kennedy's effort to demonstrate to the world the superiority of the American system, as opposed to Soviet communism.

However, at the United Nations on September 20, 1963, the President suddenly issued a public invitation to the Soviets[vii] only two years into the Apollo "race" to the Moon: an offer of a "cooperative, joint US/USSR lunar expedition."

Of course, if there were a "hidden agenda" to Apollo, this move would have revealed that the prime objective was not to beat the Soviet Union, but to covertly find and return samples of the incredibly advanced lunar technology that had been waiting on the Moon for eons ... and then to share them with the Soviets! Curiously enough, a mere two months following Kennedy's startling U.N. proposition, the President was killed.

The enthusiastic architects of the continuing NASA Brookings cover-up, in part, are the same heroes we have been encouraged to worship as some of the leading pioneers of our technological era. Their names are synonymous with America's achievements in space science and rocket engineering. In many cases, they are also men with secret pasts — Germans, Egyptians, Englishmen and Americans, men at the very fringes of rational thought and conventional wisdom. These literal "fringe elements," then, are divided into three main groups inside the Agency, as best as we can tell at present. For the purposes of this volume, we shall call them the "Magicians," the "Masons" and the "Nazis" — and deal with each group separately.

Each "sect" is led by prominent individuals, and supported by lesser-known players. Each has stamped their own agenda on our space program, in indelible but traceable ways. And each, remarkably, is dominated by a secret or "occult" doctrine, that is far more closely aligned with "ancient religion and mysticism" than it is with the rational science and cool empiricism these men promote to the general public as NASA's overriding mantra.

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