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Richard Hoagland, Author of the Month for December 2007

Dark Mission: the Secret History of NASA (cont.)
By Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara

After NASA was formed, almost before the ink was dry on the Bill that brought it into being (which, among many other detailed objectives, called for "the establishment of long-range studies of the potential benefits to be gained from, the opportunities for and the problems involved in the use of aeronautical and space activities for peaceful and scientific purposes"), NASA commissioned a formal "futures study" into the projected effects on American society of its many planned activities (including covert ones).

Carried out as a formal NASA contract to the Brookings Institution — a well-known Washington, D.C.-based think tank — the 1959 study was officially titled "Proposed Studies on the Implications of Peaceful Space Activities for Human Affairs."[iv] The results of this multi-disciplinary investigation were officially submitted to the administrator of NASA in late 1960, and after the Kennedy Administration was elected, to Congress in April 1961.

The Brookings Institution

One area of unusual interest covered in the report — easily overlooked amid mountains of interminable statistics and analyses — was a quiet assessment of the near-certainty of a NASA discovery of intelligent extraterrestrial life:[v]

"While face-to-face meetings with it [extra-terrestrial life] will not occur within the next 20 years (unless its technology is more advanced than ours, qualifying it to visit Earth), artifacts left at some point in time by these life forms might possibly be discovered through our [NASA's] space activities on the Moon, Mars, or Venus." [Emphasis added.]

This quietly inserted sub-section of Brookings is revealing on many levels, and it forms the documented basis of our case — that the NASA "you thought you knew" doesn't actually exist, and that NASA has been deliberately concealing and classifying its most significant discoveries because of "national security" rationales.

Brookings officially affirmed NASA's expectations that the Agency would fly to nearby planets in the solar system, and would thus be physically capable, for the first time, of confronting "extraterrestrials" right in their backyard.

Did any skeptics even know this official document existed, before we made it public in 1996? As you shall see documented in Dark Mission, beginning in the mid-1960s with unmanned spacecraft, NASA actually discovered its projected extraterrestrial artifacts — but then, the Agency never got around to telling the rest of us!

NASA would clandestinely confirm with these earliest robotic probes, and then proceed to cover up, the first awesome remains of a once-extraordinary, solar-system-wide, ancient technological civilization on the Moon — precisely as Brookings had predicted. Four years later, the Apollo Program would come to full fruition, and the lunar astronauts themselves would personally witness and extensively document, with tens of thousands of high quality photographs, from both lunar orbit and the surface, extraordinary "glass-like" structures on the Moon! The Apollo crews would also bring back to NASA laboratories not just rocks, but actual samples of the ancient technologies they found — for highly classified efforts at "back engineering."

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