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To Infinity and Beyond: Transcending our Limitations (cont.)
By Nassim Haramein

Reflections on a Revolution in Physics

The Resonance Project Foundation
Post Office Box 764
Holualoa, HI 96725, USA

We live at a remarkable time. It is a time of great changes, including fundamental changes in our understanding of the physics of our world and its relationship to consciousness. There is a quiet revolution occurring in physics that will modify our understanding of the atomic structure, as many other researchers are now starting to realise that atoms may be considered as mini–black holes 2a–d and that the vacuum structure may be a crucial player in the existence of our world.

Why is this exciting? Because if we understand the source of energy that generates our Universe, its forces and the mechanics under which the creation process occurs, then we can reproduce these dynamics with advanced technological means and completely transform our relationship to nature. Such discoveries will change our world from a society which believes that there are only limited amounts of resources and available land—and then wars fought over them—to a society which realises that there is an infinite amount of energy all around and within us, and a whole Universe to explore with the means literally to reach for the stars.

However, we don't need to wait for these advances to start to transform ourselves and our environment. We need only take a few moments every day to connect with the infinite potential present at the centre of our entire material world, which makes up our existence, and experience its infinite nature and beyond.


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