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To Infinity and Beyond: Transcending our Limitations (cont.)
By Nassim Haramein

Casimir plates
Casimir Plates. (Source)

That is, there had to be evidence of this energy between stars and galaxies as well. I had studied quite a bit of cosmology by then, and at the time there was zero evidence of this energy being present at the cosmological level.

Nevertheless, I was in a highly creative mode, elaborating on many of the foundations that eventually brought me to form the various scientific papers I have written.

From the sense I was getting from my studies of both ancient civilisations and advanced physics, this vacuum energy could not be completely random. It had to have structure, some kind of geometry, and most likely it was polarised—that is, spin was involved. And it was these thoughts that eventually brought me to add a fundamental force to Einstein's field equations in order to show that space-time, in addition to curving to produce gravitation, twisted as well—like water going down the drain—to produce the spin of all organised matter from galaxies to stars and even to subatomic particles. That twisting of space would imply that space itself was imbued with gyroscopic and Coriolis effects that needed to be included in Einstein's geometrisation of space and time. Yet if this torque really was present, then we should be able to detect it at the cosmological level.

I will always remember the day when this confirmation fell into my lap. It must have been around the late 1990s, when I was in Joshua Tree National Park where I liked to spend part of the winter climbing and studying. Typically I would go in and stay for weeks at a time before my supplies ran out and I would have to come out again to get a little bit of shopping done. My budgets were quite restricted (on average, $3,000 a year), so I would buy a very minimal amount of food (I mostly lived on prana—vacuum energy) but almost every time I would buy popular science magazines to keep in touch with the latest scientific discoveries.

So on a beautiful morning after one such expedition the night before and then after my ritual climb, I sat on the edge of the stairs of my van and opened what I recall was an issue of Astronomy magazine. And there it was: astronomers had found evidence that the Universe was not only expanding, but was also accelerating as it did so.

This discovery produced a large amount of controversy at the time, and most theorists agreed that the best approach to deal with this anomaly was to reinstate a constant that was first used by Einstein. He had added this fudge factor, called the cosmological constant, in his early mathematical expressions to make the Universe static (which was believed to be the case at the time). It was later removed when astronomer Edwin Hubble discovered that the Universe was expanding, as Einstein's equations would predict, without the fudge factor. Now astronomers reinstated the cosmological constant in such a way as to make the Universe accelerate as it expanded. The fudge factor was back. This eventually was dubbed "dark energy", and it wasn't until very recently that it started to be associated with the vacuum energy. For me, however, that was an easy and obvious leap, as I had already expected that the polarised Coriolis dynamics of the vacuum structure would produce such an effect on the universal expansion and rotation.

So the vacuum energy was there at all scales, although in various densities—a gradient in the structure of space itself. Was the vacuum dividing at specific densities from extremely large to extremely small? And if the vacuum energy was essentially infinitely dense, and all scales contained vacuum—since even the atom itself (as we saw earlier) contains a large percentage of vacuum—then each of all the atoms inevitably contained enough mass–energy to be considered a black hole. The Universe had to be black holes, from all the way up—the Universe that we're in, for example—to all the way down. With this concept, I eventually coined the term "black whole"

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