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Gnosticsm & the Proclamation of Christianity with special reference to John's Gospel (Cont)

Faith, Belief and Reasoning
Luke 24: 15 (AV); John 16: 33 (NIV); Isaiah 40: 28 (AV)

The point for us is : "Do I believe in God apart from my reasoning about Him? There is a difference between 'believing our beliefs' and 'believing God'.

"Theology is a great thing, so is a man's creed; but God is greater than both, and the next greatest thing is my relationship to Him.

"When we are brought to the heart of things, we find tragedy there, and a gap. We see God as a distorted refracted image. There is a gap and a wildness in things, the gap between what God intended for the human race and what we actually are. If God does not step in and adjust it, there is no hope; but God has stepped in through the Redemption. Our part is to trust confidently in Him. Either the pessimist is right when he says we are autumn leaves randomly driven by the blast of some ultimate power without mind, or else the way out is by the Redemption of Jesus Christ." [49] Millions have followed this way over the last 2000 years and they found that it works.

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  1. From "Baffled to Fight Better".

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