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The Qantas Mystery (Cont)

By John Grigsby

An archaeologist of a culture that we cannot even guess at, one day discovers the settlement. Here, he says, we see the beginnings of the development of farming that will reach fruition in another few millennia. He does not know what implemented the change - but sees that the village is no doubt a continuation of the native village life - there is no reason to doubt this - the houses, artefacts etc. are the same, there is just a new impetus. There is a slight change in skeletal morphology - so maybe the changes came from an invading tribe?

He imagines the primitives going about their hunting and gathering. He sees them illiterate and savage - he has no reason to think otherwise; their mud tablets melted back into the soil, and their Newtonian knowledge was purely oral. But here is the answer to the great puzzle of how language and science, and farming and the city state suddenly arrived fully fledged in the nearby land masses three millennia later. But he cannot see the connection, he cannot see the invisible threads that link the minds of these 'savages' to the later civilisations. He is unaware of the hidden potential, the dormant incipient culture that lies hibernating in their very myths awaiting the time when the people will be ready to bring it to fruition - like a crystal in solution awaiting the current that will catalyse it into solid form.

How he would laugh if someone were to say that the builder of that primitive roundhouse once was the architect of a high-rise office block? Or that the primitive canoe was fashioned by a yacht-builder? How about the fact that the tooth found pulled from a skull with a basic stone implement was the work of a heart surgeon?

How even more he would deride a person who claimed that the myth of the central fire god, around whom his sons and daughters danced was a story crafted by a physicist knowledgeable in the heliocentric universe. As for the complex numbers that appeared in their myths - 72, 54, 216, how could they know about precession, he would say, when these primitives didn't even own telescopes? And as for the world-renowned 'Pyramids of Qantas' - archaeologists had dated these great Pyramidal structures to four millennia after these primitive huts. The unorthodox theory of the 'Aquarius' layout was hotly debated and mainly rejected by academics. To say that it pointed to a date corresponding to 2009AD (although the archaeologists would be using a different calendar), was utterly hilarious and instantly rejectable.

The next thing they would be saying is that the Sky Gods and their bird Qantas from Oz were relics of a lost, technically advanced race!


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