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Weight of the World (cont.)
By Jason Gregory

We can see now that no movement or revolution rooted in the external world can ever bear the weight of this world. Some may say that what if we live in a world without money, surely that must be a big step? And Iím sure it couldnít hurt and it would be a big step for a while, but once again it would only be momentary. The reason for this comes back to the individual, because if the individualís consciousness has not evolved past the dark content in their own lives, then the egoís view of personal gain and separation will corrupt any utopia no matter how pure it may appear. No movement or revolution we join could ever bear the weight of this world, because literally the true weight of the world is on your shoulders. When we truly feel this weight, we know we can never escape a system which is nothing but a suppressed projection of the mind. We need to go beyond the mind/ego to find out what is eternal and not momentary and then and only then will the mind be purified. After this purification a truthful movement will reflect our inner peace and well-being. When this is finally realized the weight upon your shoulders will not feel so heavy because the true revolution has been born within you.!/profile.php?id=100001455899059

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