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Weight of the World (cont.)
By Jason Gregory

Built into the public’s state of consciousness is an unnatural desire for material comforts. Everybody is seeking some form of comforting relief in the external world. This is because within the majorities current state of consciousness there is an inbuilt function of escape which is mixed with our natural desire for freedom. So what we get is; we have a constant search for freedom based on material comfortability. In our modern age every movement and revolutions ideologies are grounded in external welfare through comforts and not internal well-being. Most movements and revolutions believe that if we have the access to the necessities of life served up on a platter, then internal peace will be born. Can this be true? The sad answer is no, inner peace will never be found in this way for two reasons. First reason being that most of these modern day movements and revolutions are in pursuit of a high technological civilization with the aid of material comforts to keep us solidly grounded in the external world, with the chance of no internal inquiry into the nature of our existence. So these sorts of movements will only benefit the ego which brings us to our second reason. The other reason being that the nature of our existence is not found out in the external world, because the true nature of our existence is consciousness. So the external world is the out-breath of our true nature which is within us. Instead of creating a revolution in the external world to point the blame at external forces, we need to have the only true revolution which is within us all. This needs to be understood now before we get too lost on our journey through life, because when we come back to the question of what truly drives any of these movements or revolutions deep within us, the answer we cannot shy away from is the ego. Why?

Everything that drives these movements and revolutions is the ego because the ego is like a spoiled child wanting external relief through momentary satisfaction while never dealing with the problem at hand. So they go from new toy to new toy with no true and lasting satisfaction. It is in the nature of the ego to escape from any situation no matter how absurd. This constant escape through life keeps one looking without instead of within. Through this escape all external movements and revolutions are born. I call this “Mental Systemic Escape” because they cannot deal with a system which in truth is actually a mental projection of our individual darker emotions. This is the physical evidence that the ego has once again duped us into believing that any new movement or revolution is our salvation. The corrupt system which we all live under is not something to escape from, instead it is there to be dealt with and then dissolved, but this will only happen if we look within to see where this world comes from. When we look within we see it is the mirror reflecting our darkest emotions held within our shadow psyche and which is guarded by the ever evasive ego.

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