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A Tale of Two Synchronicities
By Mark Grant

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A Tale of Two Synchronicities

A Tale of Two Synchronicities

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Mark Grant

Mark Grant holds an bachelors degree in International Studies, with minors in Economics, Political Science and Sociology. He studied Law, but after successfully completing his first year decided to travel the world instead.
Two of his main interests are mysticism and spirituality, which is reflected in many of the places he has been to, including Giza, Luxor, Mount Sinai, Old Jerusalem, Nazareth, the Parthenon, Lourdes, Mother Teresa's missionary, Sai Baba's ashram, a cave where Doubting Thomas lived for five years, Nara, Kyoto, Hiroshima, Diamond Head, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Chitzen Itza, Palenque and more. This is his second book.

Regarding Common Sense Connor and the English case of Man v.Man

As the title of my book plainly states, what I have to present is a work based on synchronicity.

This is the study of what some regard as meaningful coincidences. The term was coined by the famous Swiss psychologist, Carl Jung.

In my book I subdivide synchronicity into two categories.

Micronicity, or micro syncs, concern synchronicity that is observed at the personal level. This is where most of the focus is, or has been, so far.

Macronicity refer to ‘syncs’ that are public in nature. This dimension of synchronicity is far less explored. I hope my own investigation makes the point that macro syncs deserve greater consideration than they have been given thus far.

I personally believe that my book was largely the result of a guided process, one that eventually led me to find both micro and macro syncs on some of the world’s biggest stages, namely sporting events like Super Bowls, Olympic Games and World Cups. Along the way I found more of the same during my tour of duty in the world of Hollywood, where I worked for a year and a half as a movie and television extra.

You can get a flavour of how this process unfolded by referring to the second of the two sample chapters in my book, found in this link. Just click on the cover.

Now, I finished the manuscript in late May of this year. It was certainly convenient that just a couple of weeks before I was finally done, a macro sync occurred in England which speaks to this overall theme. This celebrated event was seen by millions of people in Britain and more worldwide. As this is an English board I would like to discuss that event and why I believe it is a fine example of macronicity, the recent case of what I have called Man v. Man.

However, I feel it is wise to first address what I anticipate will be the conventional interpretation of synchronicity. In order to do this properly, I believe I should address the matter in two ways: by addressing the reasonable skeptic and the pseudo skeptic next.

On that note, I will begin the next section by addressing a point made by a presumably open and “fair-minded” fellow who calls himself “Common Sense Connor”.

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