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Atlantis and the Cycles of Time (cont.)
By Joscelyn Godwin

In former times, possession by a god, demon, or spirit was the only explanation for this phenomenon. Once those were eliminated, it seemed that everything had to come from the channel’s subconscious mind, or conscious fraud. I offer a lightly held alternative hypothesis. It combines Buddhist doctrine with the allegory of cyberspace, and goes as follows. When sentient beings die, they release mental energies that may form congelations of intelligence, perhaps combining with other free-floating energies in resonance with them (N.B. Buddhism has no immortal soul to keep them together). These act like files containing a mishmash of information, memory, dogma, and speculation, ordered as in life by a logical program akin to language. Given a suitable recipient, they download into it, blending with the recipient’s own information, beliefs, and so forth. The way it emerges—through trance, automatic writing, and so on—is merely a matter of style. This suggestion somewhat resembles the idea of the “egregore,” a wandering influence that takes on a pseudopersonality and may be nourished by attention, belief, and sacrifice. But it does not hold out much hope for finding the truth about Atlantis.

If we are sincere in our desire for this, we have to face the mystery of time and its connection with human consciousness. To be brief, it is a question of whether sequential time exists at all outside our minds. The metaphysical doctrines of East and West suggest rather that time, like space, is part of the illusion inherent in human consciousness. We feel caught in its coils and rhythms, but from a higher point of view past and future coexist. Some channeled communications do help us understand this, and so (I’m told) does quantum physics. There is the further possibility that the Atlantis visited through clairvoyance, astral travel or entheogens might be not in the earth’s past, but in a parallel and present universe.

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