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Atlantis and the Cycles of Time (cont.)
By Joscelyn Godwin

After the defeat of World War I, Ariosophical doctrines were in place to comfort the battered German soul and hold out a glorious future for it. Here is one version of the myth, which I paraphrase from Hermann Wieland’s Atlantis, Edda und Bibel (1922):

The Arctic region, where a temperate vegetation flourished, was home to the Aryans, a blond, blue-eyed, brachycephalic race. They lived there happily until a regularly recurring alteration of the earth’s axis brought on an ice age, then were forced to migrate southward. Leaving their polar homeland, the Aryans settled on the island-continent of Atlantis, setting up a twelvefold nation that would later become the model for the zodiac and the divisions of time by hours and months. They were forbidden to kill animals and lived whenever possible as vegetarians, unlike the lower races who already inhabited the land and were little better than beasts themselves. The Edda and both Testaments of the Bible are really chronicles of the Aryans’ history. Whenever the Bible speaks of Beasts, it refers to lower races, as do all the laws of Moses and injunctions of Jesus.

Readers of my earlier book Arktos: The Polar Myth in Science, Symbolism, and Nazi Survival (first published 1993; now reprinted by Adventures Unlimited) will be familiar with much of this, and with later developments.

Germanic Atlantology also included some who were caught against their will in the maelstrom of events. Herman Wirth, for instance, was busy with his own theory of a prehistoric Arctic culture that left its symbols in petroglyphs throughout the circumpolar regions. Anticipating later anthropologists like Maria Gimbutas, Wirth believed that this was a matriarchal society, and that the trouble began later with patriarchy and its aggressive monotheistic religions. Wirth was co-opted by the Ahnenerbe (the think-tank of the SS) because his theories superficially seemed to support the Nordic-Aryan myth, but he disappointed them. Himmler fired him, and Wirth was forbidden to publish for the remainder of the Third Reich.

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