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Atlantis and the Cycles of Time (cont.)
By Joscelyn Godwin

The French Atlantologists tend to give information ex cathedra, keeping their sources to themselves, as though what they have to say about prehistory is obvious to any reasonable person. Reason does not exclude immaterial or even spiritual realities, but once these are accepted as part of the natural order of things, certain consequences follow. From the start, they envisaged prehistory in a context of the variously colored races (Yellow, Red, Black, White), to which they attribute separate origins. Each arose on a different continent, or, according to some, on a different planet. This is a constant of French occultism, together with the caution that no race is deemed superior or inferior to the others. One of the later writers, Jean Phaure, says that we are all of mixed blood, but “whether we are yellow, white, black, or red, we possess that fragment of the divine Spirit that makes us humans and not animals.” (Le cycle de l’humanité adamique, 1988, pp. 273-74)

The Germanic strain of Atlantology is rather different, and its earlier proponents have harmed our subject, and occultism in general, by association. The Ariosophists of the pre-Nazi era were racial supremacists, and their Atlantean theories conformed to that outlook. In 1904 Lanz-Liebenfels, a “New Templar,” set the trend in his Theozoologie, writing of how the tall, white race of Atlantis interbred with apes. The result was a hybrid race of “sodomitic apelings” that survived into classical times and left its genetic stain in almost all of us. Lanz’s solution was a rigid eugenic program that would, in time, breed out the animal element, though he added that purified humanity would still need some subhuman creatures as slaves. Few of the Ariosophists veered so far towards the lunatic fringe as Lanz, but none of them challenged his authority.

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