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White Island on the Ocean (cont.)
Seven Landscape Mysteries of Bronze Age Britain, A Unified Theory
By William Glyn-Jones

The Great King

The grand landscape project here outlined cannot be the result of a gradual cultural diffusion, because it involves insider knowledge of the chambers of Khufu's Pyramid. On the other hand the lack of artifacts inscribed with Egyptian hieroglyphs implies that it was not a project of pure Egyptian colonialism. Then again, the notion of a small Egyptian contingency staying for a while and organizing local workforces also seems unlikely, because there could have been no guarantee that such organization could be achieved at a range of sites as far apart as Cerne Abbas and Thornborough, for jobs as major as the construction of Silbury and the great henges. The plan involves east-west distances, not just the latitudes that are relatively easy to measure from Sun or star inclinations. Establishing the scheme would have entailed a project of landscape triangulation that must have taken a long time.

This leaves us, as far as I can see, with a scenario in which the project as a whole is actualized with the support of a great king whose authority is recognized across the land, and who has in his employ certain Egyptian surveyor officials, including a Master of the King's Works figure who himself has a strong Egyptian connection, perhaps through filial Iberio-proto-Celtic Beaker Culture links. We may call this great king, for convenience, Arthur. For historical comparison in thinking of his vizier and surveyor officials we could think of traveling builders' guilds through the ages and of the itinerant classical scholar of the Italian Renaissance who moved from court to court diffusing by direct contact the ideas he had learned in, for example, the Florentine Platonic Academy, as he found his way through the networks of Upper Class Europe. The myth of Osiris as recorded by Plutarch says that after this king of the Golden Age had established harmony in Egypt by a plan of temple building with the assistance of his divine scribe Thoth, he then traveled to other lands to continue this work. Did the Old Kingdom Egyptians carry their sacred geodesy and the idea of ma'at abroad just as the myth says, even winning as one of their converts the High King of the White Island on the Ocean, rather as later Rome would by sending a missionary (St Augustine of Canterbury) win over to their Christianity as their first Anglo-Saxon convert Aethelbert, whose capital was at Canterbury?

The Riddle

Working with the geodetic scheme outlined above, you may be lead by the following clue to Paul Devereux's belly button. Email solutions, with reasoning, to I'll let you know if you're the first to find the spot. The site is not mentioned in the above article.

At first this Universal frame
From harmony began
And from Vitruvius Da Vinci learned
The perfect square of Man.
With head to East the giant lies
And arms stretched 'cross the land
Leonardo's drawing shows
The secret of the span
There is a hill upon a plain
Find it if you can
A place of golden harmony
The umbilicus of Bran

Two Poems

For me, the existence of this geodetic scheme is a reality. I realize that this could then lead to questions of the finer details of the surveying techniques that were used. However, we might just as easily choose to go at this point in a different direction, away from the technical and towards the poetic and the mystical.

You may find two poems inspired by the scheme on my blog at TWO POEMS

Appendix: Calculation of Pyramid-Related Positions

I haven't mentioned that in my eagerness for this Hermetic landscape scheme to become activated by its reaching a large audience I spent a summer writing up the above theory as a Da Vinci Code-style novel, calling it Arthur's Ark, and giving myself a more concise pen name to boot. Well, to my embarrassment, I did this, but I never had the courage to do much with it, which may be for the best. But by extracting the location calculations from that text it may at least make them seem a little (just a little) less dry. The characters, who we join here well into their quest, are first concerned with proving the halving-of the square method, then moving on to the important latitude and longitudes of the giants. Again, you can find this on my blog at Appendix: Calculation of Pyramid-Related Positions

I have also written a short story based on this geodetic scheme, but don't read it if you don't want the game to be given away re the Riddle. It can be found at: while other whimsical offerings on the same basic theme can be found from this link to my other blog:

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