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White Island on the Ocean (cont.)
Seven Landscape Mysteries of Bronze Age Britain, A Unified Theory
By William Glyn-Jones

However, I wasn't about to get too sidetracked away from the Bronze Age period with speculations about Roman knowledge of the old scheme, any more than I had been with the Canterbury Coincidence. The point to retain in my mind, I felt, was the possibility that the old Bronze Age Master Builders had themselves extended the scheme to make a square, and all I was really prepared to take away from the Hadrianic considerations was a new conviction to refer to the plan as the Britannia Scheme rather than the rather Anglo-centric "Angleland", thus embracing Wales within its compass.

So if a closer measurement revealed that Thornborough did have the equivalence to Cerne Abbas with respect to the apex/centre, the question would be why, and I preferred to consider what this might be before I troubled myself with the measurement. The answer was pretty obvious - if the centre was kept as the apex, and a similar pyramid cross-section was placed in the northern rectangle, Thornborough would be perfectly placed at the end of the Orion Shaft.

This wouldn't be as flaky as it might have sounded, as for the Egyptians it was not North that was up, but rather simply upstream that was up. In Egypt this meant that Lower Egypt was down in the lowlands of the Delta to the North, and Upper Egypt was upstream in the South. In Britain all rivers flow from inland regions down to the coast, on all sides, so to the Ancient Egyptians it would be the centre of the nation that was the top, not North or South specifically. What to us seems like an inverted pyramid, with all those Freemasonic, Dan Bownish connotations, would not have seemed upside-down to that ancient mindset.

It was pretty clear what needed to be done. It was time to make the more accurate measurement. It wouldn't be so hard to count the grid squares on an Atlas of Britain, going from page to page get a figure for the position of Cerne Abbas west and south of the apex/centre. Then all I had to do was go north and east the same distance and see if that's were the Thornborough Henges were.

I was sprawled on the floor of the place I lived at the time, my flat in Marlow, by the Thames, with the Atlas in front of me. Anticipation fluttered inside me as I counted north: one, two, three…how amazing would it be if it turned out to be true? Twelve, thirteen, fourteen…could the scheme put in place so long ago really be so vast, elegant and comprehensive? Seventeen, eighteen, nineteen…if so, how amazing that enough information was available to make this much of it re-discoverable! Twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two…was this just the perfect sleuther quest for me, or what?….

Having counted off the number of squares north I began to sidle laterally. …three, four five…I homed in on that fateful destination, that grid-square of destiny…until my finger pinpointed the spot.

And there before me was the village name I had hoped against hope to see…


I cannot adequately describe the feeling that then ran through me. A lofty thrill, exalted, lifted my mind's eye as if on the very falcon's wings of Horus, as I fell forwards onto the floor, my face and palms pressed against the light, polished oak-wood floorboards, as I did my best to stay grounded and on-planet. Oh my word!

"It's all too much!"
(The Pepperland Pyramid)
Link to It's All Too Much on YouTube :

So much was suddenly confirmed beyond reasonable doubt, a light shining back along the path I had followed, as well as out along the old geometric paths of Britannia, all the way up to Thornborough. Thornborough was part of the scheme. It is Orion's Belt. So too, logically, is Cerne's Man Orion. Dorchester is the Golden City. The Egyptians did come here. Silbury is a Primordial Mound. There probably was a Silbury Oracle Center. It was placed deliberately at the 2 by 1 bearing from Glastonbury Tor. And somewhere, surely, is a National Treasure, a pharaoh's hoard! And did those feet in ancient times…? Yes - Oziris woz 'ere!

Image taken from my short story Island-Hopper : Ge-Odyssey

The long straight cursus leading from the northern Thornborough henge to the central henge measures up, from the Google satellite picture, as being at the same 45 degree angle of the Orion Shaft, in other words precisely South-East, and so this long straight avenue represents perfectly the Orion Shaft itself on the plan.

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