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Patrick Geryl, Author of the Month for September 2008

How To Survive 2012 (cont.)
By Patrick Geryl

Number Zero and the Magnetic Field of the Sun

According to the sunspot cycle theory of the Maya, at that particular moment the magnetic field of the sun will jump to zero. And the zero depicts the end or the beginning of a sunspot cycle. Therefore a double zero! That must be the reason why the Maya were so obsessed with the the zero of the different calendars coinciding. And what is waiting ahead of us? Obviously a gigantic mega short circuit in the inner nucleus of the sun. Or in other words, the awakening of the Sun God in an explosion of solar outbursts. For us this means the End of Times - for humanity the biggest horror ever. Or, in the words of the Katun prophecy in the Book of Chilam Balam of Tizimun:

Ca hualahom caan Then the sky is divided
Ca nocpahi peten Then the land is raised
Ca ix hopp i And then there begins
U hum ox lahun ti ku The Book of the 13 Gods
Ca uch i Then occurs
Noh hai cabil The great flooding of the Earth
Ca lik i Then arises
Noh Itzam Cab Ain The great Itzam Cab Ain
Tz'ocebal u than The ending of the world
U uutz' katun The fold of the Katun
Lai hun yeciil That is a deluge
Bin tz'oce(ce)bal Which will be the ending
u than katun of the word of the Katun

And with the words of Marduk:

When I stood up from my throne and let the flood break in, the connection between Earth and Heaven was broken off …

The gods, which trembled, the stars of heaven - that changed their position and I did not bring them back.

These scriptures show the death-struggle of our civilization. It is as a huge uprooted tree with its roots in the air. A breath of air can break off any connection. After the catastrophe this will be even more precarious and our lives will be hanging by a thread. With all possible power we will have to plant ourselves again in the universe. Let us therefore prepare ourselves for the extinction of our civilization, and the resurrection in a bigger life connected with the earth and the cosmos. When we succeed in that, we can consider our mission to be successful. And we have a lot of chance to succeed. According to old prophecies new sciences will sprout at the beginning of the new era. They will settle scores with the many problems we meet today. Furthermore new forms of curing illness will put an end to almost all diseases. Because we have the prior knowledge, I see it as our task to make this come true…

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