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Patrick Geryl, Author of the Month for September 2008

How To Survive 2012 (cont.)
By Patrick Geryl

These are just a few of the many instances of destruction you will be confronted with. The list is too long to complete. I could write many books from this list. In short, it concerns a total destruction, more destructive than an atomic war and thousands of times worse than an asteroid colliding with the earth! Should you want to prepare yourself for this super catastrophe, I advise you to watch all the movies about atomic wars, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and colliding asteroids. Should you add up all the consequences shown in those movies, you would not come close to the destruction to be expected! In other words: an unknown entity. So you need have no illusions about that. The story of the Swiss Family Robinson shipwrecked on a tropical island would be an absolute utopia compared to this destroyed and polluted world.

The ruin of our civilization will be complete. In the space of one day, we will go back to the Stone Age. And this is expressed conservatively, because our environment will be totally disrupted, with very little food and natural resources. No comfort, warmth or electricity. For a lot of people this will be sufficient reason not to choose the effort needed to survive and accept their fate without any resistance, preferring to die in the apocalyptic events than to keep on living in a seemingly endless fight. In some respects, I would not disagree with them. And as I reasoned in my previous books, only a small fraction of the earth's population will survive this disaster. The biggest part of the world population has little chances. There are simply not enough safe places and ships. Even with a large-scale building program, we can only save a couple of hundred of thousand people at most. And I am still not taking into account the lack of food supplies after the cataclysm. Moreover, there will be a lot of unknowns, like the possible effects of the huge chemical pollution, the radioactive debris, etceteras. Many will realize this and resign themselves to their end. Others will voluntarily sacrifice themselves for the continued existence of human kind.

However, my urge to survive is terribly strong. From childhood I have had an inner feeling that when I grow up, I would create something "big": "save the world." That sort of feeling, and that is the reason why I am so obsessed about this subject. I know and realize that I am probably the only one in the world that has a well-defined rescue plan. Nobody is going to believe it, until it is too late… And then the continued existence of humankind is severely in danger. Realizing this goes against my principles. At this particular moment I am 47, and have no children and therefore my survival urge shouldn't have to be that strong. But yet every vein in my body is drenched with it. So why couldn't I convince those who are parents? Their children are in immediate deadly danger. To many, having children is the most important reason for their existence. Would it then not be worthwhile to save them? Of course it is. Therefore my call to all responsible parents and people who already are convinced is to start preparing themselves. Prepare themselves thoroughly. With masses of food, materials and relevant books.

But even if we do so it will be an immense task for us - the few survivors - to restart a civilization. We will be confronted with an incredible number of problems. In order not be overwhelmed by them, we need to concentrate on the most needed products and services. Like what? I have thought about this for a long time. After a lot of pondering I have made a list you can find in the back of How To Survive 2012. You will see in it very simple things, like elementary books about electricity, sciences and mathematics. No complicated things whatsoever. This cannot be otherwise, because nothing will be left. Starting with the basic knowledge and materials, we can work on further.

Should we not have these basic things, we can forget about it. Should we, however, know how to create electricity, we then can reconstruct a civilization that is worthwhile. Nothing works without electricity. Therefore I think a library is of the utmost importance. Knowledge is power. It has always been like that and will always be like that. We, the survivors, can make a mark in a new world with what we know. Control and rule the earth in a natural way. Only in such a way it is possible to succeed in our most important task. It will not be easy, of that you can be sure. Only really motivated and well-trained people can handle this. Should you feel ready for this, I advise you to start working on it as soon as possible and look up the last pages of this book. Choose those things you can relate to best. Your children are already counting on your active support!

The Countdown Continues at Full Force…

We are living our last days and do not realize it. Why don't we listen to the truth of the myths and legends of these lost scientists? Why do we not believe in their calculations? What are we waiting for before organizing the biggest rescue expedition ever? It is not that difficult to decipher that everything points to a mega disaster. Counting up and deducting obsessed the Maya, because they were obsessed by time. They left us at least six different descending calendars. At the moment a calendar ended, they feared that the universe would be destroyed. With calendars of different lengths they felt safer. They thought they could avert a cosmologic catastrophe. When the 260 days of Tzolkin ended, Tun (or long countdown) continued to run. Every fifty-two years Tun coincided with Haab, and was called The Holy Year. On that day the Maya sacrificed people in order to prevent annihilation. The Maya feared that at the moment that all calendars jumped to zero they would be without time. A calamity without an equal would be involved.

Number Zero and the End of the Mayan Calendar

Based on the prediction of the wise men of the Maya in the vicinity of Yucatan the world will end in 2000 y pico - "and a bit.". How much is that "bit"? The Great Cycle of the Maya calendar started in great darkness on the 11 th of August 3114 BC and will end after five millennia on the 21 st of December 2012. According to the Mayan wise men 13 cycles will have passed: 0 Katuns, 0 Tuns, 0 Uinals and 0 Kins, since the beginning of the Big Cycle. That day will be ruled by the Sun God, the ninth Lord of the Night.

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