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Patrick Geryl, Author of the Month for September 2008

How To Survive 2012 (cont.)
By Patrick Geryl

The destruction

The descendants of the survivors of the previous catastrophe, the Maya and the Old Egyptians, left us a serious warning: without any doubt the world will end in 2012. The Northern Hemisphere especially will be stricken. To inform us about this, they left us buildings, myths about tidal waves, star codes, the sunspot cycle theory and a descending calendar. Serious information. The same cataclysm that destroyed their fatherland will strike us now. With an incredibly accurate scientific knowledge they calculated how and when this will take place. They worked on a highly advanced astronomic level, which we have not yet reached, however unbelievable this may sound. We can learn tremendously from their calculations and the study of their astronomical zodiac, among other things, that cataclysms tormented the earth regularly. For long periods of time, the ages pass normally. But then, suddenly, an explosion of unstoppable violence occurs on the sun, rocketing a burning cloud of plasma to the earth. Nothing can stop it. Not even we, with our so-called "superior" knowledge. We will completely unexpectedly encounter and endure this event, which will result in a massive destruction.

To illustrate the polar reversal, the Old Egyptians left us their astronomic history. In it they tell us exactly what happened during the previous disasters: in one day the movement of the ages was shaken thoroughly. The earth changed her precession abruptly on three occasions and her direction of movement twice. Astronomically seen, their code message is a masterpiece: simple and at the same time horrifically accurate. In Hamlet's Mill,Giorgio de Santillana and Herta von Dechend reason that the Zodiac was made to describe disasters that occurred cyclically after long time intervals. And they give a lot of evidence for this. From the work of Albert Slosman we know that this was indeed the case. He deciphered the passing of the Zodiac over the last forty thousand years. His deciphering shows vividly that the earth's axis started to rotate in the opposite direction at certain regular points in time! And that the civilization of Aha-Men-Ptah was able to pre-calculate the last cataclysm two thousand years in advance! Furthermore, I discovered that their descendants pre-calculated the next disturbance in the earth's axis for 2012!


The astronomical Zodiac of the Old Egyptians describes the previous ages in which catastrophes or pole reversals took place on earth. At the end of 2012, we can add to this a new polar reversal. We can only speculate to which age we will be catapulted.

This confronts us with the biggest challenge in human history: the survival of this imminent cataclysm. This gigantic geological disaster will destroy our civilization thoroughly and completely. There is no doubt about that. You can either react with disbelief or with panic, or denial. Or you can roll up your sleeves and make the necessary preparations in order to survive this. And I mean completely roll up the sleeves, because, to put it plainly, what lies ahead of us is very bad. Not to say completely hopeless. I already suffered terrible nightmares, but these will not stop the cataclysm. Three days after the sun's pole reversal in 2012, we will see and be in the following situation:

  1. The polar reversal of the magnetic field of the sun will send a huge cloud of electromagnetic particles into space. As a result all satellites around the earth will be completely destroyed. Immediately hereafter, the poles will crash and the magnetic field of the earth will be supercharged within a short period of time. In an instant, all electronic equipment will be destroyed through an internal short circuit, as a result of the electromagnetic pulse. Through this, 99.9999999999999 percent of our knowledge will be lost within just a couple of hours. Result: our computer-dependent civilization will be wiped away completely.
  2. Huge earthquakes and volcanic outbursts destroy all buildings and installations, leaving them in ruins. Nothing will be left of high-rise blocks and everything else will be leveled. Completely leveled. The following earth crust shift and tidal wave will make the knowledge buried in the ruins, amongst which especially will be books, useless forever.
  3. Almost all regions will have a climate change. All of a sudden Europe and the United States of America will be thrust into a new ice age, in which life is barely possible. As we do not know how big the earth crust shift will be and which parts will be shifted, we also do not know where to restart a civilization. Possible places could be India, South America, Africa and the high mountains of Thailand. Later I will go deeper into that.
  4. Because of the tidal wave and the huge storms that torment the earth's surface, all food supplies will be destroyed. All trees will be uprooted; all growing fields will be lost or drenched with salty and contaminated water. It can take years before sufficient food will be able to be grown again to feed the survivors.
  5. All the drilling installations in the world's oil fields will be torn apart. The wells will either leak into the surrounding areas, or the earthquakes will cover the holes. It is certain that it will be impossible to revive the installation works. They will be lost forever.
  6. All energy supplies will be destroyed. Tanks with petrol derivatives will be torn open and the freed substances will overflow into the environment worldwide. Huge oil slicks from destroyed oil tankers will contaminate the oceans. They will wash ashore in the tidal waves of up to two kilometers in height and will pollute all of the agricultural land.

    The magnitude of this problem should really not be underestimated. For years and years the black residue, together with the freed gas oils, will severely contaminate the soil, and make it impossible to grow plants, vegetables and trees.

    In order to get an idea of the damage we can expect, you should compare this with an oil spill. Usually this creates a slick of tens of thousands of tons of oil in the sea. This quantity is sufficient to pollute severely hundreds of kilometers of coastline. Masses of sea animal species as well as a huge number of birds die in a greasy goo. But everybody knows this scenario only too well. But do you realize that in 2012, almost all supplies will be released in one go? And what a catastrophe this will cause? Probably not. Some figures will put this in perspective. Every day about eighty million barrels of oil are being drilled up. This amount can cause thousands of big oil spills! If then you also know that the worldwide supplies are sufficient for about three months, you can immediately calculate that about a hundred thousand ecological super catastrophes will plague the earth! This is more than sufficient to contaminate hundreds of thousands of kilometers of coast. In other words, everywhere on this planet you will be confronted with mountains of grunge, a cluttered mess, covering most of the processing capacity of the earth. Besides an almost complete decimation caused by this disaster, the people and animals that are left will perish in this super contamination. I do not know a better reason for reducing these supplies to nil before the disaster takes place!

  7. Harbors and ships will also be completely destroyed in the catastrophic events. The wide-scale transportation of goods with, for instance banana boats or container ships, will be totally impossible.
  8. Cars and trucks will be compressed into tin by the forces of nature and the tidal wave. Some may be reconstructed, if this is done quickly, because the salty water causes rapid oxidation and corrosion. On top of this is the remaining problem of the complete destruction of all energy supplies. And the factories that manufacture car tires and other essential products will not exist anymore… So, therefore, any reconstructed vehicles will not last long.
  9. Hospitals, dentist practices, and all other health services, will be reduced to ruins. Life-supporting knowledge of years of practice will be gone forever. Should you be hurt and even have a small injury, the result could be fatal.
  10. During the earth's crust shift with its titanic quakes, the hundreds of nuclear plants on our planet will be destroyed. It is my biggest fear that the quantity of radioactivity, which will be catapulted into the atmosphere of our planet, will be sufficient to completely contaminate our living environment. Here we will be confronted with the same problem as with that of the oil supplies: gigantic pollution on a worldwide scale. Nobody can escape from this. We really have to take this into consideration. Because the further we stay away from the radioactive debris, for at least the first decades, the bigger our survival chances.
  11. All life-threatening and toxic products from chemical factories will be dumped into our environment. At many places it will take thousands, and maybe even in some cases tens of thousands, of years before everything will be absorbed back into nature. For example, the products that get trapped under the poles can remain there untouched until the next pole shift. Within twelve thousand years they can re-appear. They form a serious danger for all future generations.
  12. Electricity and telephone networks will be torn apart and completely useless. All electricity generating plants will be reduced to ruins. Even more serious will be the following: due to the generated induction currents together with the pole reversal, all electronic and electrical equipment's will be useless for ever!
  13. Airplanes will have crashed already before the pole reversal takes place, caused by the electromagnetic storms coming from the sun. These storms damage the equipment and the airplanes will be uncontrollable.
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