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The Secret of the Holy Grail and the Discovery of the Elixir of Life (cont.)
By Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn


Ouroborus, death and rebirth, skull and child

Although we do not have the space to explain the Philosophers Stone in this short article, we did find that this truly represented both the Gnostic and duality aspect of the wisdom side of the serpent and also was used as a cover for the true mixing of the venom and blood within alchemical texts. As the infamous grail author Wolfram von Echenbach himself claimed that the stone and the grail were one and the same, we indeed found this to be the case.

Basically then, the whole Grail mythos is wrong. Not just the latest “bloodline” theory, but also the original concept of it being the literal cup which caught the blood of Christ. In fact this element of the myth is symbolic and should remain as such, for Christ as the good serpent did provide his true Elixir of eternal life, in both Gnostic psychological concepts such as the Kundalini and also in the literal venom and blood of the snake. An indication of Christ as the serpent was also found in the sloughing of skin. Snakes regularly slough their skin and the ancients saw this as a re-birth. This was copied with Christ entering the cave and sloughing his shroud.

Arthur, as a literary figure, was chosen as the modern “saviour” to re-discover this chalice because he was the Pendragon. Pen means head and therefore Arthur is the head dragon or serpent, just as Jesus was.

What we also find in the book is that every single royal lineage on the globe has claimed descent from the serpent. Whether it be the Merovingian or the Chinese Dragon Emperors – they are all claiming to be descended from the “bloodline” of the serpent!

The history of the world is certainly not as we once thought.

Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn

Philip Gardiner and Gary Osborn can be contacted via their own websites:,,,

The next book from both authors will be The Shining Ones: The World’s Most Powerful Secret Society Revealed in Sept 2006 – a revised and updated edition of the best selling The Shining Ones by Philip Gardiner. From Philip Gardiner in Spring 2006 there will be Gnosis: The Secret of Solomon’s Temple Revealed and in Spring 2007 there will be Gateway to the Serpent Realm: Is there life after death.

Following and during this both authors are working on television documentaries to accompany the books as well as doing tours around the world in association with They will also be doing numerous media appearances and conferences.

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